(DRP) Bug Report Form


(DRP) Bug Report

Thanks for taking a moment to report a bug to us! Please provide as much detail as you possibly can about the issue you are experiencing. The more information you give us about the bug you are reporting, the quicker we will be able to look into and possibly resolve said issue.

When submitting a Bug Report, we appreciate it when...

> The report is well written and easy to understand for our developers
> The cause (the thing that is creating the issue) and effect (what happens because of the cause) is clearly presented
> Video and Photo evidence is provided from a trusted third party website (Youtube, Imgur, Medal etc.)

Once your form is submitted an issue will be opened in Github for our Development Team to look into, if you have any questions about the status of your bug report, feel free to contact !Wilkers!#4231 on Discord.

Please do not directly contact imanoob2000 to report bugs, this system is the quickest way to get issues expedited.
Please take a moment to review your answers before submitting your form.

Thank you for assisting our development team! :)