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    Denied Lord Sage Staff Application

    +1 we got a lot of underage staff, it doesn't matter as long as they are mature. deserves an interview as he has 5 staff recommendations.
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    Denied axolotl_cleanboi Staff Application

    -1 absolutely 0 effort put into the app
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    Denied spacecadet Staff Application

    -1 Racism warn and app needs more effort
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    Denied NotLambo Staff Application

    -1 3 Class V warns over 2 days of playtime, don't think you are fit for staffing sorry.
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    Denied axolotl_cleanboi Staff Application

    -1 denied less than 2 weeks ago. reapply in 2 weeks and I recommend putting in more effort into the application.
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    Accepted !BRSK? Freak Staff Application

    +1 Good App
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    Accepted GusFringo Staff Application

    +1 Good Application
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    Denied SPITAFIFIRE Staff Application

    -1 No Effort, Hate speech warn, and no effort in app
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    Accepted Enviouse's Returning Staff Application - #1

    +1 Previous staff member. Decent app
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    Username: CAT In-Game Name: CAT SteamID/SteamID64: 76561198383145797 Discord: CAT #9161 Date of Item Loss: Apr 27, 2022 Time of Item Loss: 5:40PM - 5:50PM EST What happened? I dropped 550K on the ground to give to a black market dealer to buy a shipment of sticky EMPs, but the money just...
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    Accepted JWHIS Staff Application

    +1 alright app, seems dedicated to become staff
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    Blaze_ Staff Application

    +1 decent application, seen him around. He has helped me alot. - He doesn't meet the age requirement but I think he should be given a chance to prove his maturity.
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    Denied Bismo Funyuns Staff Application

    -1 no effort shown + Class V warn
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    [NOX] NTS Spooky Refund Request from Apr 24, 2022

    He did get RDMed, but I dont know if he lost anything as logs don't show it and he never showed me any evidence of him losing anything. Because I wasn't sure, I told him to make a refund request with whatever evidence he may have. I only confirm that he was RDMed by a MRDMer.
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    Accepted Woodzy's Staff Application

    +1 Solid Application, and good playtime.