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    New Insiding List

    don't listen to him he's the master of lies, he's the devil himself, sold his soul for admin
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    New Insiding List

    Add tungsten to the list
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    Denied Echo Staff Application

    +1 come back pls
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    i have been called forum man

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    You're cool

    You're cool
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    Looking for Players The L3G1Ts

    You should set up a recruiting station in game, that'll drive up the new member numbers
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    Former Staff Reapplying Treatment Overhaul?

    I agree with this, but tmod would be a good refresher for staff members who staffed months ago rather than like 1-2 months ago
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    Denied catbey19 Staff Application

    -1 underage, bare minimum playtime
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    Denied funkyy Staff Application

    -1 Previous class IV and V warns, simple grammar errors in your app; just overall a poor quality app and I do not think you will be a good fit. Good luck though.
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    Tmods permissions

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    Add a punishment for attempting to evade a sit

    Yup that's what I would consider it
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    Accepted Slender Cain Staff Application

    +1 former staff, nice person -1 spelt my name wrong
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    Denied Pigasuarus Staff Application

    -1 no
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    Denied Tarrants Staff Application

    -1 bad bad app