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    Accepted Hawke Staff Application

    -1 Not enough effort
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    Denied sicken bambozzini Staff Application

    -1 The motivation you can hear in the tone of the writing, but the grammar needs updating and with the replies to previous comments shows immaturity .
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    Denied EVERNEECH Staff Application

    -1 No effort
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    Denied AleisterTheHut Staff Application

    +1 Seems determined and worthy for a interview.
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    Denied autumnmoon1959 Staff Application

    -1 No effort
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    Denied Drip :) Staff Application

    -1 No effort at all
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    Denied Official Zuxys_YT Staff Application

    -1 No effort
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    Accepted Parish5072 Staff Application

    +/- The warns are concern that the applicate is very immature but the rest of the app shows that they can do better and succeed.
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    Denied Jcfost Staff Application

    -1 no effort
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    Denied Cakeimbo Staff Application

    +/- The effort is just there, but not explained enough
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    Denied IMkindasus Bambazzini Staff Application

    -1 no effort
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    Accepted Adarlard Bambozzini Staff Application

    +1 With him continuously trying to become staff over and over again I don't see why we don't give him another shot.
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    Denied Adarlard Bambozzini Staff Application

    +1 Looking through and having a chat with him he seems like a decent guy overall; it seems like he has changed and really wants to be a member of the upper community.
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    The fyshiee applied? and got denied???

    The fyshiee applied? and got denied???