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    clendl's Application

    +/- I see you around the server, pretty nice and chill guy. Your application is pretty short, and could use some work. Best of Luck!
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    Accepted Gem the Bard Staff Application #3

    +1 I always see you on the server consistently. Putting in lots of time, singing, having fun, and rping. You know the rules quite well and I always see you helping out new players. I'm not sure about what happened in the past, but I've always had wonderful experiences with you. Nice application...
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    Request For Staff Rank

    Server you are requesting your rank for: Darkrp, requesting for T-Mod rank. In-Game Name: Derek SteamID: My steam ID is, STEAM_0:1:79562000 Do you understand that lying on this node will result in a forum ban?: Yes, I understand.
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    feelin kinda cute

    feelin kinda cute
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    pog status

    pog status
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    Accepted Derek's Staff Application

    What is your In-Game Name? : My In-game name is, Derek. What is your Steam Name? : My steam name is also Derek. Link to your Public Steam Profile: : Here is the link to my Steam Profile, Your age (we only accept staff 15...