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    Accepted Onyx's Third Staff Application

    +1 I've seen him around a lot, good app, and he has a lot of recommendations Good luck!
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    Denied Ctrl's Staff Application

    +1 I've talked to him multiple times, and he is active. Good luck!
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    Denied tragic's staff app

    +1 I've seen him around multiple times, and he seems like he has good intentions. Good luck!
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    Denied I would like to become an Atomic Staff/Admin

    +1 can't realyl deny his reasoning 🪱
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    Accepted God's Application

    +1 I've talked to him multiple times, and he also put effort inside of his app. Good luck!
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    Denied STALIN's staff application

    +/- Your app has effort, and you have experience, but I haven't talked to you yet. The warns are a little worrying, but we did let in someone that had similar warns. Good luck!
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    Accepted Moderator Application

    +/- Your application has effort, but I haven't been able to talk to you yet I'll make a decision after I talk to you. Good luck!
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    Accepted Idots Staff Application

    +1 I've seen you on the forums multiple times, and you also put a lot of effort into your app. Good luck!
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    Denied Gspeed06's Staff Application

    +/- I haven't seen you before, but your app has effort and you have experience. I'll wait to talk to you before I make a decision. Good luck!
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    Denied P1'S Staff Application

    +1 I have seen you inside of sits, the app is good, and you have experience. Good luck!
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    Denied Gaming's Staff Application

    +/- I have seen him inside of sits, but the app is pretty short. I recommend having at least a paragraph for each bottom answer. Good luck!
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    Denied NutInUrMom's Staff Application

    +1 The app is good, and I think I've seen you a couple of times in sits. The warns can be worrying, but it happens to everyone, and as long as he doesn't get any more it should be fine imo. Try to get to know some people on the server and Good luck!
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    Accepted LBN_Gunter Staff Application

    +1 I have seen you around, and the app is good Good luck!
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    Denied staff application

    -1 The app is really short, and I don't think I've seen you. I would do what Shav said and update the app to make it a little more convincing. Good luck!
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    Denied NoMadJinx Evils Staff application 2

    +1 Good app, and i've talked to him multiple times in game. Good luck!