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    Denied Letus Staff Application

    -1 from what ctrl said shows the lack of immaturity
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    Denied TinyTecca Staff Application

    british +1
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    fyshiee General Suggestion - Remove EMPs or Add Alternative Base Defense

    you’re not the first person to suggest this and hope youre the last, emps we’re added so people could actually raid without dying instantly and many other reasons
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    Sting General Suggestion - put nerve gas in darkrp

    this would completely ruin raiding lol
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    AquaticLemon General Suggestion - Pls add firework maker back I wanna experience it olease

    the mod is broken that’s why noob removed it
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    Denied fyshiee Staff Application

    -1 reasons above
  7. Echo

    Denied RainBow Staff Application

    -1 absolutely no effort and seems to be a troll app
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    Denied ohDizzy Staff Application

    -1 no effort
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    [NOX] NTS Spooky Rule Suggestion - Props in tunnels

    -1 we originally had no building on the street but the community didn’t like that so we went with no building in tunnels
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    AquaticLemon General Suggestion - Raise CC Salary

    no one is going to be on for 100 hours straight on gmod buying a custom class is not required to play the server if you don’t like what the printers are making then switch to a different job
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    AquaticLemon General Suggestion - Raise CC Salary

    you have printers for a reason people don’t live off the salary of their job
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    Accepted Waggy Staff Application

    +1 good app, previous experience as staff only bad thing is that smokes is stinky
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    Denied [NOX] NTS Spooky Staff Application

    -1 no effort
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    Exel Staff Application

    -/+ not much effort but seems dedicated