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    dixie normus1 Refund Request from Jun 21, 2022

    Request Accepted You will be refunded 400,000 or 400k
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    DeathSmaug Refund Request from Jun 20, 2022

    Request Denied We only refund for instances where you lose items as a direct result of someone breaking the rules or if the server crashes and the automatic refund system doesn't work.
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    Nirvalen Refund Request from Jun 21, 2022

    Request Denied Without evidence to substantiate your claim we are unable to refund you.
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    dixie normus1 Refund Request from Jun 21, 2022

    Were you told by a member of the staff team to make a refund request?
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    Denied JustFelix Refund Request from Jun 19, 2022

    Were you directed to make a refund request by a staff member?
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    Denied luisxboxplays Staff Application

    -1 little effort shown
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    Denied Larzd Staff Application

    -1 little effort shown
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    Denied Larzd Staff Application

    Doc you already replied to this app silly.
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    Denied felixkoekkoek Staff Application

    -1 good playtime, zero explanation of warns. Also little effort is shown
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    Denied alphanite Staff Application

    +1 important timezone, with a sufficient amount of effort shown, worth an interview
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    Accepted stevharve Staff Application

    +1 really good all around application
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    Denied Hangover Staff Application

    +1 previous experience, with a solid amount of effort shown
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    Accepted Yeeee Staff Application

    +1 solid app after fixes, worth an interview for sure
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    Denied IMkindasus Bambazzini Staff Application

    -1 not enough effort shown
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    Denied Cakeimbo Staff Application

    -1 based on what others said