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    I cannot for the life of me find the mk9 weapons on the prop menu

    alt+f4 for weapon prop menu
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    Denied whydatroll22 Staff Application

    -1 anime pfp
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    Denied nowrn Staff Application

    -1 find an activity irl to fulfill you
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    Changes for every single Money Printer

    it says why it should change in the post
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    Thief Printer Bags

    because the printer owners just disconnect or switch jobs
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    Increase the Raid Timer

    its a nerf to afk pro printer players and a buff to thieves, someones gonna be upset by any change at the end of the day but good suggestions are supposed to be best for the server as a whole
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    Increase the Raid Timer

    Allow raiders to stay longer than 10 minutes inside a base. Armor and a competent weapon already drive the cost to around 100k risk, take into consideration multiple EMP nades if the doors are spaced out and you can easily find yourself spending 200k+ per raid with a high chance of dying because...
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    False Banned for Hate Speech

    yeah it really shouldnt count as hate speech but theres been an uptick of "certain people" influencing the youth in the past years
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    Denied Toji Staff Application

    -1 anger issues
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    Accepted Abrams Staff Application

    -1 cant play gun dealer properly
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    Denied beans52 Staff Application

    -1 pothead
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    Base limit.

    good point, but the defenders might not all be in the base at all times, and they have much more to lose than the attackers
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    Base limit.

    -1 on one hand theres enough groups with enough members to fight eachother equally and it does add a sense of community and whatnot. on the other hand it may feel very unfair if you have considerably less numbers against a larger group. downvoted because 25 man base is rare to see and they...
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    Denied XayCraft Staff Application

    -1 dont want 13 year olds moderating the server