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    Accepted Texas Red Staff Application

    +1 very active good app good person and makes good reports
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    Denied Jaffander55 Staff Application

    -1 Underage although I don't mind it so much and think you can still get in. this did not have the effort for you to look mature enough to get in. Maybe if you retry you might be able to get in. good luck though.
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    Denied Pickle Rick Staff Application

    +1 warned for hate speech but there is another staff member that has a racism warn, also okay app. deserves an interview.
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    Accepted EmptyWaterBottle Staff Application

    +1 decent app and seems dedicated
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    Accepted Three#0001 Staff Application

    +1 overall +1 great guy +1 prior staffing experiences +1 decent app +1 no prior warns
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    Accepted Dom Staff Application

    No, I'm not trying to be biased in this situation I'm sorry if you thought that but I would not give someone that acts like that out of nowhere my recommendation to staff. we were on the topic of gay people and he said it was a part of his religion that they do not agree with and are anti-gay...
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    Accepted Dom Staff Application

    were we in a private chat he did say it but said it is a part of his religion plus you cut that out. Please put the full clip of him saying it is his religion.
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    Prop Minge Punishment Change

    +1 I agree with this since if there is a difference in the situation since if a person does a more serious prop block and they do it 4 times it is a 10 min jail as a class 2 and 3 class 3s will be a 12-hour ban this could help with repeat offenders.
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    Accepted sad swag Staff Application

    -/+ don't know much about you but everyone seems to like you but app was poor but you have experience
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    Denied B A L V I N Staff Application

    -1 No effort
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    Denied Yukaina Staff Application

    +/- + Chill guy - Application needs work edit: Good luck
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    Denied Draganborn the L3GIT Staff Application

    +1 + Knows rules + Cool guy + Active + Good interactions - Short app
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    Denied Peanut Butter Balls

    +1 Decent app defiantly deserves a interview.
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    Denied Tarrants Staff Application

    -1 App has no effort.