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    Accepted bagel's staff app V2

    ti me t to shake your tail like this funny cat doe
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    Accepted bagel's staff app V2

    +1 ive known bagel for as long as ive been in the server and i think hes fit for the team
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    Accepted Staff Application V2 I'm Back!

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    Accepted kaneki's staff app

    +1 i think he has potential to be a great staff member!! just dont staff abuse this time ;D /j goodluck!!
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    Accepted Jenna Thalia Staff application

    +1 this guy is cool
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    Accepted waio00's Staff Application

    +1 name starts with a W tjats a win
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    Accepted JustValentino's Staff Application II

    +1 this is the guy
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    Staff rank request

    Server you are requesting your rank for: Dark RP In-Game Name: shiloh SteamID: 76561199029900744 Do you understand that lying on this node will result in a forum ban?: Yes
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    Shiloh mod rank

    Hey i connected my discord and it made a whole new account, this is the account i will be using since the other is inaccessible! I need the moderator rank!
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    Denied MrBiggieCheese's staff application

    -1 App super short, seen like once or twice during my staffing hours of the night. A lil mingey as well
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    Accepted Damarcus Staff Application

    +1 I base with Damarcus all of the time and hes got one of the best personalities you will find, he is amazing and an honest person who is perfect for the team.
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    Denied Brank's Staff Application

    +1 I play with Brank in game all the time, I barely base with anyone else and he knows the rules better than anyone I know. I've had him in sits where he has taken lead and shown the rules. Lots of play time and a wonderful person to be around, really really hope he makes the team!!! He'd be an...