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    Accepted DOVAHDEC Staff Application

    +1 Dova (also g1itch._. u bozo for the +/-)
  2. Sister

    Accepted sad swag Staff Application

    +1 Swag
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    L Bozo

    L Bozo
  5. Sister

    Accepted DarkPhoenix Staff Application

    +1 Really Well Done App Good Interactions Knows The Rules Really Well Goodluck <3
  6. Sister

    Denied Brad The Chad Staff Application

    +/- app is fine,never seen you though Goodluck <3
  7. Sister

    Denied coolprogamer28 Staff Application

    -1 Not Enough Effort
  8. Sister

    Accepted BlakeChan's Staff Application

    +1 Well Done App,Timezone We Could Use but I haven't seen you Goodluck <3
  9. Sister

    Denied Regret's Staff Application

    -1 Not The Required Time
  10. Sister

    Denied RobertTheSinger Staff Application

    +1 Nice App, Has Experience Goodluck <3
  11. Sister

    Denied Kappa Karma's Staff App :)

    +1 - A few warns +Good App +Has Experience Goodluck <3
  12. Sister

    Denied JamsWRLD Staff Application

    +/- App Is Not The Best
  13. Sister

    Denied KILLER's Staff Application

    +1 Nice Guy In-Game Knows The Rules Really Well Has Experience Really Well Done App Goodluck <3
  14. Sister

    Accepted Kieran's 2nd application

    +1 Good Knowledge Of The Rules Nice Player In-Game No Bad Interactions Good App Goodluck <3
  15. Sister

    Accepted Demon's Return Application.

    +1 Chill Guy,Has Experience,No Bad Interactions, Goodluck <3