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    Accepted go0bers 3rd mod application

    +1 Great app, great dude
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    Denied JauntMan's Staff Application

    -1 For obvious reasons
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    Accepted Lost's Staff Application

    +1 Great app, lots of experience
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    Denied RustyM2's Mod Application

    -1 I think you would do fine, please put more effort in when you reapply in 2 weeks
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    Denied Deku_Uzimaki new and more detailed staff application

    -1 If this is new and more detailed, I'm glad I didn't see the old one
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    Accepted Blaxorus's Staff Application

    +1 Plenty of interactions, chill dude. I think he would do good
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    Denied Rico’s application

    +1 Active player and haven't had any issues with him that I can recall
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    Denied Deku_Uzimaki new and more detailed staff application

    -1 Very low effort
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    Shronk's Mega Suggestion Thread

    +1 to all these changes especially number 6
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    Accepted The Australian might be back??

    +1 Need more australians
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    Denied Baptism Man Staff App

    -1 I don't think I've had any interactions with you, but based on the application alone. In my opinion the responses are very generic and hard to read with the random punctuation. The generic-ness and the weird grammar shows me lack of effort and professionalism. If I get the chance to interact...
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    Denied Smokahontas's Staff Application

    -1 Generic app and I've never seen you in game
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    Accepted Washed's Application V.2

    +/- Never really seen you before :) +1 im kidding i love you
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    Denied Lukee's Staff Application

    +1 This guy started messaging me days ago asking for tips and other questions about being a mod. He definitely seems serious about the position and I think it is worth giving him a shot.
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    Denied DommyWommy's Application

    I think this is exactly what we've been looking for