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    good question, i believe it is because people under 15 are mentally immature and 99% of them would not be able to control themselves in a power position. this goes for even some people above 15, there are people who let the power get to their head
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    General Suggestion MonkeyGod - Raiding NLR timer

    -1 lmao just cuz u keep getting killed doesn't mean it should change to 20, get more party members with already how big your bases are bases always have a huge advantage in defending, it is easier defending by 50 miles than it is to raid
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    Denied berlin Staff Application

    here's a even bigger-1, he just switched roles after I killed him during a raid so all of his printers disappeared, had a ceiling fence that I couldn't see through but he could and shot me though, then disconnected (LTAP I'd argue). Close his thread lmao
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    Denied berlin Staff Application

    -1 playing with this guy has been awful, i've seen him base 3 places at the same time lol
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    General Suggestion Betto - Allow Cultists to Kidnap and Murder One User Every 10 Minutes

    +1 makes more sense and is good roleplay unlike some of our current roles
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    voidzz Rule Suggestion - WeaponCheck KOS

    Suggestion Type: Change to the Rules What is getting changed?: WeaponCheck KOS Where does this need to be changed?: In rules Why is this a good change?: Although weapon check is essentially "harmless" in nature that it doesn't injure anyone, it gives cops the ability to AOS someone who...