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    Denied Chris Evans Staff Application

    -1 No effort, class 4
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    Count to 69,420

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    Accepted rockman Staff Application

    +1 nice effort, has a decent amount of playtime and warns are expired.
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    Denied arquettetyson Staff Application

    -1 Not enough effort, as others said would reccomend looking at accepted apps.
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    Accepted niestat Staff Application

    +1 Great experience,decent amount of effort
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    Denied Dingleberry McDoogleberry Staff Application

    +1 Nice app deserves interview
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    Denied LiftedGold Staff Application

    +1 never seen you but nice app!
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    Denied tommy luciano Staff Application

    +1 cool guy nice app
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    Denied Hidra_boss34 Staff Application

    -1 Barely any effort at all, a decent amount of warns
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    Accepted Bazas Staff Application

    +1 Col guy nice app deserves a interview
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    Arktis Refund Request from Mar 26, 2022

    Refund accepted & Completed You and your friends have been refunded.
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    Accepted Henry Hendrickson Jr Staff Application

    +1 Nice app and good playtime.
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    Denied Crackpepe Staff Application

    +/- 23 hours/minutes/seconds? seems like a good app just not as detailed
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    Denied FinalForeHead85 Staff Application

    -1 Barely any effort.
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    Accepted JrBlackCheddar Staff Application

    +1 Nice app Nice hours
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    Denied Application

    -1 Should be on the server for 1d playtime before applying
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    Denied MidnightSlasher Staff Application

    +1 Good app decent hours.
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    Denied HeisenbergBambozzini Staff Application

    +1 Good app and good hours.
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    Accepted I miss the rage Staff Application

    +1 Nice app no bad experiences... YET... previous staff
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    Denied Master Staff Application

    -1 No effort.