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  1. Koiel

    Denied Chicken Staff App

    -1 I dont think we've conversed much at all ingame, but maybe once during a sit. Your application seems a bit hastily made and almost unprofessional, so I have to give a negative.
  2. Koiel

    Denied jeg's Staff Application

    +/- I havent known you long enough to make an assumption on how well you'd fit on staff, and I wont go purely based off of your application. You seem okay though, and best of luck.
  3. Koiel

    4ouhr Staff application

    -1 You came off with a pretty bad groove from the start, and I don't think that you're a good fit for our staff team. Despite that, I still wish you good luck.
  4. Koiel

    CorsairBull Official Staff Application

    +1 You seem to have plenty experience, and I haven't had any negative dealings with you.
  5. Koiel

    DoX's Staff Application

    +/- I might have seen you in the player list a couple of times, but I don't think we've ever really conversed in-game.
  6. Koiel

    CLOM's staff application

    +/- I've seen you around a bit, and I've taken multiple sits with you. You seem okay, but I can't really make a positive or negative decision on you.
  7. Koiel

    Koiel's Request for forum staff rank

    Server you are requesting your rank for: forums, already have the role on the discord server. In-Game Name: Koiel SteamID: STEAM_0:0:560883504 Do you understand that lying on this node will result in a forum ban?: Yes, I understand.
  8. Koiel

    TMod's Staff Application

    +1. I’ve seen you around a lot and you’ve been helpful and easy to communicate with, and I like your staff application. I think you’d be a pretty good fit.
  9. Koiel

    Accepted Koiel's Staff Application

    Your In-Game Name: Dr. Buck Chode, also gone by Dr. Koiel, Dr. Koiel Ham, Koiel, Koiel Ham. Steam Name: Koiel Link to your Public Steam Profile: : Your age (we only accept staff 15 and older): I am 15 years old. Your discord name/tag: Koiel#8701 Is...