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  1. Ero ☢

    What MMO are you playing or waiting for?

    New world and pokemon mmo are good mmos pokemon mmo is a fan / community run pokemon with cross progression on different regions . New world is amazons new mmo and full release is later this month so get ready .
  2. Ero ☢

    Mythic Staff Report

    It was not vocalized among the staff team so I dont see mythic being demoted *This is not a Final statement by wilkers thought*
  3. Ero ☢

    Mythic Staff Report

    I dont see what is wrong here they are watching the sits
  4. Ero ☢

    Accepted Duhhorn's Staff App

    You aren't known in the community and I haven't had any interactions with you that left an impression sorry but today its gunna be a -1
  5. Ero ☢

    Denied GamerGoo420 app

    +1 You Seem Chill In Discord / In-game
  6. Ero ☢

    Bias Ruling of SUS.

    I gave you a verbal prior and explained the rules . I also heard you out 3 times cause you just kept yelling at the other guy so I heard you way more than the other guy. But even thought he broke nlr you didint have a kos sign and had no right to kill him so at the minimum you are leaving with...
  7. Ero ☢

    Denied Wanting to become staff .

    -1 not enough playtime and short app almost no effort
  8. Ero ☢

    Bias Ruling of SUS.

    This was your base am I wrong ? So you killed those people without reason also just prior to the sit with you I gave you a verbal on an nlr ticket even thought you have 3+ rdm warns . I Then look at the logs to show you killed 4 people+ and I understand they were the same people but then you...
  9. Ero ☢

    Denied Kaneki_ Staff Application

    +1 Its a short app but I see some staffing traits in you. You are good in sits and don't over do It I think you would be great on the team good luck on the app.
  10. Ero ☢

    Accepted Johnny Rico Gaming Staff Application (Take 2)

    +1 you're chill in game and the app is good
  11. Ero ☢

    Denied OGFades Staff application!

    +1 I like the app but don't think I've spoke to you
  12. Ero ☢

    Denied Brank's Staff Application

    -1 Bad app also dont think I know you
  13. Ero ☢

    Accepted Seth Piyemp's | Eatsdweeb's: Staff Application

    Ive never seen you on but good app -/+
  14. Ero ☢

    Count to 69,420

  15. Ero ☢

    Denied da best staff app

  16. Ero ☢


    milk before or after cereal ?
  17. Ero ☢

    (GAME) Finish the story.

    One upon a time, There was a prince, who's name was Washed, and a princess named Ero. They lived in a junkyard. The land that they once held was claimed by , the witches from Atomic were an odd bunch. They consisted of 3 notable characters. Sagnik the slayer of gods ,
  18. Ero ☢

    Denied superkittengamer1000 Staff Application

    -1 No effort
  19. Ero ☢

    Denied FunkingSilk Staff Application

    -1 As others have said you put no time into the app and its the bare bones .