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  1. TeamZXXX

    Denied Staff Application!(Re-Hire)

    -1 I've had bad experiences with you in the past.
  2. TeamZXXX

    Gspeed06's Application

    Sorry but I have to agree with what remmah says here. -1
  3. TeamZXXX

    Accepted Gem the Bard Staff Application #3

    You seem to be pretty cool and know the rules well +1 from me
  4. TeamZXXX

    Accepted Derek's Staff Application

  5. TeamZXXX

    Accepted Bloo's Staff Application

    +1, I've seen you around and you haven't caused any trouble from what I can remember. You also have a Great looking Application
  6. TeamZXXX

    Accepted ayy's Staff Application

    +/- Neutral, Great app but haven't played with you enough to form a solid opinion.
  7. TeamZXXX

    Denied 37Danny's Moderator Applicationm

    I recommend deleting your post and remaking it.
  8. TeamZXXX

    Accepted Derek's Staff Application

    +1 cool guy
  9. TeamZXXX

    TheLAW's Staff Rank Request

    The server you are requesting your rank for: Dark RP In-Game Name: TheLAW SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151644484 Do you understand that lying on this node will result in a forum ban?: Yes.
  10. TeamZXXX

    Denied 37Danny's Moderator Applicationm

    -1, You contradict yourself ( saying u have no moderation experience in one section, then saying you do have moderation experience in another ) Also, the app is very low effort.
  11. TeamZXXX

    Denied Jablaski Staff Application. :smile:

    +/- haven't interacted with you enough to form an opinion just yet
  12. TeamZXXX

    Denied DarkRP Staff APP 2.0

    +1, Don't see you around ofter but when I do you tend to bring a fun time and seem to have put a lot of effort in the application.
  13. TeamZXXX

    Accepted TheLAW's Staff Application

    At that time I thought I would just hop on Dark RP troll for a bit and get off but I ended up liking the server and community enough to stick around (hence no more warns after the first day)
  14. TeamZXXX

    Accepted TheLAW's Staff Application

    That was literally in the first ~ 15 minutes of me joining the server...
  15. TeamZXXX

    Accepted TheLAW's Staff Application

    Thanks for the criticism il try to take things less seriously in the future and be more forgiving.
  16. TeamZXXX

    Accepted TheLAW's Staff Application

    Your In-Game Name: TheLAW Steam Name: チームZXXX Link to your Public Steam Profile: Your age (we only accept staff 15 and older): 17 (18 Jan 17th) Your discord name/tag: TeamZXXX#0038 Is your discord name the same as your In-Game Name on AtomicRP...
  17. TeamZXXX

    Denied (DRP) staff applications

    +1 Chill guy and seems to know the rules well.