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    Gang Printers

    noob used to have it but he's most likely not gonna add it back, it might cause lag and its like having 2 full printer racks with supporter printers
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    Denied Regrets Staff application

    +/- havent seen short app
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    Accepted staff app

    +/- Havent seen you
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    Denied staff ap

    -1 bad app
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    Denied HotAnimeWaifu Staff application

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    Waiting For Training Mr. Pink's Return

    +/- I know your a old staff but i havent seen you on in a while
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    Denied staff appcation

    -1 Bad app, was minging earlier doesnt meet the hour requirement
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    Denied John Stamoz's Staff Application

    -1 Sorry never seen you short app.
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    Denied Staff App

    -1 Trash app.
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    Accepted Zeref Staff Applications

    +/- Havent met you
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    Denied Staff application.

    +/- Dont think i've seen you
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    Denied 00001 Staff application

    +/- MEHH app but never seen you.
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    Denied Kennith staff application

    -1 Very short app, Never seen you sorry but could use a little bit more effort
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    Accepted Phunky's Staff Application

    -1 Told me to -1 it
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    Denied Jawsh Staff Application

    +1 Cool guy nice app.
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    Denied Staff App

    -1 Not really enough effort, never seen you before.
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    Denied Hope this is good enough

    +/- Nice app but nev er seen you before also their staff stuff not people LOL
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    Denied staff application

    +/- Havent seen you around grammar mistakes, but hopefully you can learn for next time
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    Accepted Ples no take my Juul's Staff Application

    +/- Unfortunately never seen you but nice app ! good luck
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    Denied I'm a ginger applying for staff, ok thank you have a good day

    +/- Never seen you decent app decent hours.