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  1. Potompatomp

    Long Barry - Staff Application

    +1 Good application
  2. Potompatomp

    Short Jim - Staff Application

    +1 Good application
  3. Potompatomp


    Why is a refund request getting a +1
  4. Potompatomp

    Printer/Printer Rack Change

    Just the racks, not the printers
  5. Potompatomp

    Waiting for Interview Chili Man's Staff Application

    +1 Good application, MRDM isn’t that big of a deal in my mind. If it was something else like sexual harassment or advertising, that’d be something to make a big deal about. Also check if those RDM warns you have are over 2 weeks old, if they are you can get them removed.
  6. Potompatomp

    Extra Printer Rack (For Stolen Printers)

    +1 This has been suggested before but hasn’t been added yet
  7. Potompatomp

    make allies in gang stay

    After the server restarts, you gang allies clear. Not sure if this is a bug or not though
  8. Potompatomp

    Waiting for Interview Grandpa's staff application

    +1 Good application
  9. Potompatomp

    Denied the tastefull's staff aplication

    -1 Not a very good application
  10. Potompatomp

    Printer/Printer Rack Change

    -1 people will throw printers in water and they will blow up We should be able to buy multiple racks though…
  11. Potompatomp

    Sister Server

    +1 Good idea Not enough staff though :(
  12. Potompatomp

    Waiting For Training Mr. Pink's Return

    +1 Old staff member, okay application
  13. Potompatomp

    Denied staff ap

    -1 Bad application and doesn't meet age requirement
  14. Potompatomp

    Accepted staff app

    +/- okay application, mrdm warn though
  15. Potompatomp

    Denied HotAnimeWaifu Staff application

    -1 Not a very good application
  16. Potompatomp

    Denied Regrets Staff application

    -1 Not a good application and a LTAP
  17. Potompatomp

    Denied staff appcation

    -1 Bad application
  18. Potompatomp

    Denied Walters Epic Staff App

    There is one staff member that is under 15 at the moment
  19. Potompatomp

    Denied Walters Epic Staff App

    He's 13 and the minimum age is 15
  20. Potompatomp

    Denied Staff App

    -1 Bad application