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  1. Zelas

    Accepted Slender Cain Staff Application

    +1 good interactions with player good lucky <3
  2. Zelas

    Accepted [GG] Braden Staff Application

    +good interactions with player -some misspelling in his app +overall its a +1 from me good luck
  3. Zelas

    Denied grxxpe1 Staff Application

    -1 Dose not meet age requirement and the application seems to be lacking the effort - haven't had any interactions with you or seen you around
  4. Zelas

    Denied Nepeta's Staff Application (Edited)

    -\+ it seems he would like to help theirs alot of misspelling aswell all the answers seem to be be generic
  5. Zelas

    Denied BattleNoob Staff Application

    +/- good app but to many warns for the timed played
  6. Zelas

    Denied Dayday Staff Application

    -1 is currently banned aswell poor applaction
  7. Zelas

    Denied Groblin Staff Application

    -1 short app
  8. Zelas

    Denied FlapMyJax Staff Application

    -1 staff abuse warn -havent seen you around the server nor had any interactions
  9. Zelas

    Accepted DarkPhoenix Staff Application

    +1 good interactions Good luck <3
  10. Zelas

    Accepted Kieran's 2nd application

    +1 good app +good interactions with player
  11. Zelas

    Accepted Demon's Return Application.

    +1 good interactions with player good luck <3
  12. Zelas

    Denied Staff Application

    +1 a semi good app - 1 never seen you around - 1 warned for racism/banned Good luck
  13. Zelas

    Accepted Regrets Second DarkRp Staff App

    +1 good app good interactions of player and knows the rules <3 good luck
  14. Zelas

    Accepted Mr. Reds Staff App

    -1 doesn't meet age requirement +1 really good staff app
  15. Zelas

    Accepted I'm a red head

    +1 good app and had good interactions with player <3 good luck
  16. Zelas

    Denied Wayk's Application

    + good app good luck <3
  17. Zelas

    Denied May I apply for staff

    -1 no template and very short app it appears he didn't read up on the staff app area
  18. Zelas

    Accepted Sicko6IV Application

    -1 very short app doesn't seem like he tried
  19. Zelas

    Accepted AyeItsFrost's Staff Application

    + good app have seen player around and good interactions with said player Good Luck <3
  20. Zelas

    Denied Planks Staff App

    -1 very short app -1 looks like no effort into the app