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  1. GooseStepp

    Increase the Raid Timer

    Allow raiders to stay longer than 10 minutes inside a base. Armor and a competent weapon already drive the cost to around 100k risk, take into consideration multiple EMP nades if the doors are spaced out and you can easily find yourself spending 200k+ per raid with a high chance of dying because...
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    new video (pd raid)

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    new vid

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    New meme

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    new meme

  6. GooseStepp

    Thief Printer Bags

    - Allow Thieves to bag Pro printers This change incentivizes raiding Pro Printers that just AFK in their base and withdraw as soon as they hear someone outside, and makes it more rewarding. This change also makes the META Pro Printer slightly weaker; less Pro Printers = more players actually...
  7. GooseStepp

    Changes for every single Money Printer

    -Make all printers not disappear when the owner of the printer switches jobs or disconnects. -If the owner of a printer switches jobs while owning a printer, they cannot withdraw anything from the printer until they switch back to the previous job This change deters players from switching jobs...
  8. GooseStepp

    Printer for all jobs

    Printer Access Give every job that previously did not have printer access, access to just one (Grey?) printer. (Once you buy one you can't buy any more printers no matter if you switch jobs) This change allows people to make passive income while playing/roleplaying a job they actually like...
  9. GooseStepp

    new meme

  10. GooseStepp

    KOS for Raiders

    Allow raiders to make a KOS sign that encompasses a certain amount of space outside of the base they are currently raiding. This will prevent fail RP or RDMs near raids
  11. GooseStepp

    New vid

  12. GooseStepp

    TP'd by admin secure base idea

    When an admin teleports a player to them, the player's keypads will be unable to get hacked until the admin teleports them back.
  13. GooseStepp

    New money sink idea

    -Add permanent ammo for each type and permanent armor for inventory (Replenished on respawn) -Add a crate that has a high chance to give a permanent ammo, and a low chance to give a permanent armor (could be anywhere from 25-100% armor)