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  1. Tungsten

    Former Staff Reapplying Treatment Overhaul?

    I think it's a great sign of dedication for old AtomicRP staff members to come back onto the staff team after their resignation due to their reasoning. But the thing that really bothered me the most is that we still put them through the Trial Mod Stage. I believe there should be a system where...
  2. Tungsten

    Buff Casino Manager: Lower prices of machines.

    I think buying the machines with its 15k price point for each machine is outrageous. I think it should be lowered so this job doesn't feel like a tremendous handicap. The only way to really get value from the job is to be on for hours, that's if there is a consistent pattern of gambling.
  3. Tungsten

    Accepted Tungsten's Staff Application

    Your In-Game Name: Tungsten/Tungsten V2 Steam Name: Tungsten Link to your Public Steam Profile: Your age (we only accept staff 15 and older): 21 Your discord name/tag: Tungsten Is your discord name the same as your In-Game...