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  1. Saul G

    F I R E Y ? Staff Application

    -1, application kind of went in loops and you don't quite explain why you should be accepted. What makes you better than current staff? Why should you be accepted over other applicants? As for the question right before that, you summed it up pretty well. You gave a good reason as to why you...
  2. Saul G

    Midspoon Staff Application

    +1, took criticism well. Would like to see an interview after seeing these changes.
  3. Saul G

    Abyss Is Near Staff Application

    -1 No effort applied, put more for the final questions.
  4. Saul G

    AlfredoBread Staff Application

    +1, seems to have put in a good amount of effort and seems to have taken criticism quite well after being told what they did wrong.
  5. Saul G

    Denied Vool Staff Application

    -1, this pretty much sums up what I think
  6. Saul G

    Denied Lightyear Staff Application

    -1 Hate speech
  7. Saul G

    Waiting For Training Dirty Mike Staff Application

    +1 Amazing app and prior experience on Gmod, would love to see an interview
  8. Saul G

    Denied GooseyPoo Staff Application

    -1 requirements not met
  9. Saul G

    Resolved sus seth - Player Report on haz

    Misc. comments regarding the situation and my perspective: I believe that what happened could have been an example of Fail RP on Hez's part. The picture attached shows that the victim (sus seth OVO) clearly has his head turned away at the point of the instigation. The general context of this...
  10. Saul G

    Denied ArstonianSock Staff Application

    +1, totally agree with moron. You just took your first date to a 4 star restaurant and decided to take the full bill. Definitely would like to see an interview.
  11. Saul G

    Denied Bardock Staff Application

    -1, emphasize more on where your experience lies, what servers you were a staff member for, why you think you should be accepted, and why you personally would like to join the team.
  12. Saul G

    Denied Tyler1 Staff Application

    -1 no seasoning, the heart hasn't been put in. No chef's touch.
  13. Saul G

    Accepted J0sc0 Staff Application

    +1, you have things figured out. You provided some cool notes to help us get to know you as a person and I feel you'd make a great fit on our team.
  14. Saul G

    Denied SeekNDstroy Staff Application

    -1, you tried to pull insurance fraud because you thought it'd be easier to get money that way, not enough effort
  15. Saul G

    Denied trungtmgamer Staff Application

    -1, not enough effort. Just took someone to the movies for your first date
  16. Saul G

    Waiting For Training DeathSmaug Staff Application

    +1, would like to see an interview. Your reasons were pretty good and I see that you have good intentions
  17. Saul G

    Denied Frenzy3322 Staff Application

    -1, racism, homophobia or ableism is not something you can turn off like a switch. Hate speech is not something you want to have on your record.
  18. Saul G

    Denied JOHN=NUT Staff Application

    -1, lacking effort. What additional reasons do you have as to why you should be accepted onto our team? What makes you qualified? Why do you want to join?
  19. Saul G

    Denied dallas Staff Application

    -1, you didn’t properly answer the final 2 questions. Why do you wish to join the staff team? How would it benefit yourself and other players on our servers? Why do you think you should be accepted? What justifies us letting you on our team?
  20. Saul G

    Denied blade872amused Staff Application

    -1, why should you be accepted? What reasons can you provide? Why do you wish to join the staff team? Fill the final 2 questions in more.