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  1. totally not bruce wayne

    Denied dirt_n_ur_face Staff Application

    -1 You have a good amount of playtime. However I believe you need to reflect more effort into your application so we can get a reflection of how much effort you yourself will put into the staff team if you are accepted.
  2. totally not bruce wayne

    Job Suggestion Potompatomp - Duck

    donators do get a lot of benefits and more jobs for f2p players would be great +1
  3. totally not bruce wayne

    General Suggestion totally not bruce wayne - Atomic Minecraft Server

    Suggestion Name Atomic Minecraft Server What's Being Added/Removed/Changed Atomic Minecraft server Why It Should Be Added/Removed/Changed i wanna play minecraft Links to Addons n/a
  4. totally not bruce wayne

    Accepted Future Refund Request from May 27, 2022

    Full supporter printer rack along with some guns since he was basing, the ban was because I copy and pasted the wrong id into the Fail RP +LTAP Ban I had set up for another person and I didn't realize I still had his id on my clipboard.
  5. totally not bruce wayne

    Vote to reset

    but still people could be building
  6. totally not bruce wayne

    Vote to reset

    lmao just realized this was a sandbox suggestion
  7. totally not bruce wayne

    Vote to reset

    -1 Suddenly removing every prop on the server for the sake of the majority who votes would make people who are either building or,basing completely neglected.
  8. totally not bruce wayne

    Denied NotBadAtGameBambozzini Staff Application

    -1 No effort/ Didn’t try at all
  9. totally not bruce wayne

    Top 10 Admin list of the week

    I do not see my name 💔
  10. totally not bruce wayne

    Accepted SilentKiller Staff Application

    +\- You have a good amount of experience, and I have seen you in game in the past. However this staff application given seems to not have a lot of detail in certain questions so I believe there was a lack of effort. I recommend to refer to previous accepted staff applications for an example if...
  11. totally not bruce wayne

    Denied sgt.smoke Staff Application

    -1 Low effort App
  12. totally not bruce wayne

    Denied WXD Staff Application

    -1 This staff application seems like there wasn’t much effort put in.
  13. totally not bruce wayne

    Denied Mr Chev Staff Application

    +\- Seems to have good intentions however I think should get a little more playtime before applying again. However I do not mind if he is accepted considering that this application is very grounded just as spring pepper said
  14. totally not bruce wayne

    Mobius Dikius6969 Refund Request from May 22, 2022

    I was the one that referred them here, Victim lost a double barrel due to an rdm case
  15. totally not bruce wayne

    Mancini Panther Bambozzini Refund Request from May 22, 2022

    I was the one that referred them here, they were involved in the incident in which big smoke fail raided the base.
  16. totally not bruce wayne

    isaac Refund Request from May 22, 2022

    I was the staff member that sent them here, Bigsmoke prop climbed into the base and destroyed several printer racks. This victim in particular had a supporter printer rack that was in the base.
  17. totally not bruce wayne

    Itz Sean252 Job Suggestion - Hacker

    -1 already denied unfortunately