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  1. YoruSwipes

    Denied Jared Zimmerman Staff Application

    +1, playtime, he knows the rules.
  2. YoruSwipes

    Accepted Doomah Staff Application

    +1 good app, but as mcgee said add those warns and good effort overall. Definitely deserves an interview if corrected.
  3. YoruSwipes

    Denied nugget270 Staff Application

    +1 Great guy in game and decent playtime, just a little worried about the hate speech warn and the effort put into the application. Would definitely recommend using the accepted staff apps as a reference and also any pointers should be taken into consideration.
  4. YoruSwipes

    Accepted YoruSwipes Staff Application

    Username: YoruSwipes ◈ Your In-Game Name: YoruSwipes Link to your Public Steam Profile: Your age (we only accept staff 15 and older with few exceptions): 15 Your Discord (with tag): HolyArbiter#8113 Is your discord name the...
  5. YoruSwipes

    Accepted Prizmo Staff Application

    +1 Hes a really cool guy in game.
  6. YoruSwipes

    Denied ohDizzy Staff Application

    +1, felt like reading a novel on the last two questions. Well done on the application.