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  1. keana

    Safe Space or Hot tub?

    I often do a Safe Space or Hot Tub when I am on and I was wondering which was liked more? Go crazy, I want to know what you like about each or dislike. Yes, I will answer questions about the builds, even though usually I avoid the trade secrets, but now I will tell you how. No, I will not be...
  2. keana

    Thoughts on new kidnapping/arrest kit

    what you think? It is brand new and holy is it being used.
  3. keana

    Add rule for to not allow RDM while arrested

    Pretty simple but to elaborate, a new trend started to appear where a mayor would call a lockdown and kill everyone in the jail cells over and over. I understand why they do it, but it ends up with people stuck in spawn or their bases and a lot of rda, some cops do not understand the rules. the...
  4. keana

    Custom Class Clarification

    So not a lot is know about custom classes besides how to purchase them, so I was wondering if one of the staff could make a comprehensive guide to them, like what they are allowed to do and what types there are. Yes there are different types I learned that today that there is at least criminal...
  5. keana

    KeyPad All users group

    simple as it is add an all users group for people like me who simply want a fancy door anyone can use