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  1. AquaticLemon

    Denied Big Titty Jesus Staff Application

    +1 Name is pog and good effort
  2. AquaticLemon

    Denied dirt_n_ur_face Staff Application

    -1 No effort
  3. AquaticLemon

    What Staff Recommend me

  4. AquaticLemon

    Denied LenisPicker Staff Application

    -1 Up Above
  5. AquaticLemon

    General Suggestion Inviteddevil1986 - Change atomic thief model

    +1 beacuse I think it would be cool
  6. AquaticLemon

    Denied Adarlard Bambozzini Staff Application

    -1 staff abuse and untill i see all the staff or a few say they did recoMend him I will be -1 for being kicked off of staff a while ago
  7. AquaticLemon

    Accepted bbbbbrain Staff Application

    -1 MRDM and LTAP warn I will -1 today beacuse your app didn’t make up for thoes warns
  8. AquaticLemon

    General Suggestion AquaticLemon - Canadian

    Suggestion Name Canadian What's Being Added/Removed/Changed A Canadian Class Job salary 50$ Job count 5 Job class Criminal Why It Should Be Added/Removed/Changed Beacuse for all the Canadian players we have to role play as Americans and shooters but as a Canadian you would say hello and...
  9. AquaticLemon

    jarold_hento General Suggestion - Hobo Changes

    -1 no I use hobo it’s a life Saver
  10. AquaticLemon

    Denied joeysguns Staff Application

    -1 ^^^^^o
  11. AquaticLemon

    Denied dixonzion307 Staff Application

    -1 under time require ment and no effort show
  12. AquaticLemon

    Denied Big Willy Bambozzini Staff Application

    -1 no effort shown in the big two questions
  13. AquaticLemon

    Denied NotBadAtGameBambozzini Staff Application

    -1 I feel like we would see like 10 bans appear beacuse that one sentence the seconds he is bullied switch to SOD and ban the person
  14. AquaticLemon

    Denied HNS MULLER Staff Application

    -1 stated above
  15. AquaticLemon

    Denied snubbly Staff Application