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  1. autumn pepper 🍂

    Count to 69,420

  2. autumn pepper 🍂

    Accepted Jamsheed Staff Application

    +1 Good lengthy answers to the last few questions and seem like a good fit!
  3. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Stol3nSoulz Staff Application

    -1 No effort.
  4. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Blackyy Staff Application

    -1 Self-explanatory.
  5. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Jinxx Staff Application

    - / + Last few questions could use more effort, but seem like a good fit.
  6. autumn pepper 🍂

    Accepted kemonoenemies Refund Request from Jun 6, 2022

    I can sign off on this, this was during my sit with them and I can verify that the player (who was banned for FailRP) was prop blocking their base during the raid.
  7. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied LenisPicker Staff Application

    -1 After the screenshot, definitely. I would wait about three years and re-apply then.
  8. autumn pepper 🍂

    Accepted EdenB12 Staff Application

    +1 Great application, older, and seems mature. I think you definitely deserve a shot.
  9. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied CamerNoo Staff Application

    -1 Poor effort, it seems like your head is in the right space though!
  10. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied GamesHunter95 Staff Application

    + / - Was hoping for more effort, but look to having a lot of friends in the community and being a helpful person. Worth a shot but personally would like to see more effort if another application is made in the future.
  11. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied glutt Staff Application

    -1 I have seen you around and like you but have to agree with the others in saying there was not a lot of effort put into this. Good luck.
  12. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Pebs Staff Application

    -1 💀 > did not follow guidelines of application; age limit & waiting time in between posting another application > asks all of us for different responses even those these guidelines were not followed
  13. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied ItsIggz Staff Application

    +1 Good effort on the application and Florida fam. Good luck!
  14. autumn pepper 🍂

    Accepted McNuggets Staff Application

    +1 A decent application in a sea of shit applications, I am grateful for you.
  15. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Letus Staff Application

    -1 Meme application. 🤡
  16. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied matthew huffy Staff Application

    -1 One sentence answers for the two most integral questions. Good luck.
  17. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied berlin Staff Application

    -1 Self-explanatory.
  18. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Dazee Staff Application

    -1 I would wait a bit for your warns to expire and put in a little bit more time into the application next time. Good luck.
  19. autumn pepper 🍂

    Denied Pebs Staff Application

    -1 Not a lot of effort and need to re-apply when you are actually fifteen. Good luck.