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Sep 14, 2020
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Atomic Sandbox Rules and Guidelines
Atomic Sandbox is currently looking for staff. If you have 12 hours of playtime and you like the server, consider applying for staff!

General Rules

Do not attempt to crash the server (we have a great anti crash and you will be banned for a long time)
No racism/homophobia/hate speech in VC or Text Chat
Abuse of PAC3/Wire is not allowed.
Do not go out of your way to witchhunt/harass other players
Threatening to DOX/DDOS a player/ the server is taken very seriously, do not make threats to DDOS/DOX or you will be banned.
Listen to all staff, their word is final. If you refuse to listen to staff you will be kicked.

Build Mode Rules

Do not propkill/propblock/prop minge when in build mode.
Do not use no clip to go into other bases/builds without prior permission from the build owner.
Do not use Build Mode to engage in PVP

Building Rules

Do not propblock/claim important areas of the map.
Large keypad chains are not allowed in bases.
Do not build in the skybox
Unfair modifiers that give the base owner an unfair advantage are not allowed.

PVP Rules

Do not make the game unplayable for others (Spawn killing, targeting the same player over and over, etc.)
Propkilling/Proppushing is not allowed on Atomic Sandbox.
Custom player models must be normal sized if being used for PVP (up to discretion of staff)

If a staff is not online and a player is breaking the rules…
Grab evidence of a player breaking the rule (via screenshot, video recording, console logs, etc.) and
DM a Sandbox Staff Member, or a manager with the evidence.

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