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Atomic RP Rules and Guidelines

Note: By playing on AtomicRP, you are expected to understand the rules and guidelines, to the people that don't read rules and give the admin the “I didn’t know that was a rule” excuse, make sure to read the rules this time. We have some rules that are very different from other servers.

General Rules

  • Admins have final say over all situations
  • Use common sense!
  • No propblocking (npc’s, players, paths of movement, player camera's)
  • No Mass RDM (mass random deathmatch)
  • No propclimb (this includes nocliping into a base with a prop)
  • No spamming of /advert or /ooc chat
  • No exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, please tell a staff member.
  • No impersonating any staff members
Instead of /ooc and /advert, use the @ feature, any other calls for a sit will be ignored.

Don't break the rules because someone else is breaking the rules. DM a DarkRP Staff Member on the Discord (if a staff member is not on, let someone on discord know)

: any physical engagement involving the damage of a player.
RDM: A deathmatch started randomly or without valid reason.
RDA: An arrest started randomly or without valid reason
NITRP: No Intention to RP (basically minging)
Admin/Moderator/Staff Discretion: A staff members ability to decide what should be done in a particular situation.
Staff/Admin Sit: A staff/admin sit is defined as any time a staff member brings, teleports, or engages you about a disciplinary action
NLR: New life rule. See NLR section
Propblocking: Restricting a player's pathway to a given location or place.
RP Action: Any roleplay action that affects another player (Ex. mugging, kidnapping, raiding, killing etc.)
Valuables: Printers, Bitminers, Weed, Cocaine, Oil and anything used to make those materials.


Punishments for offenses can be seen here. If you are being punished outside of the punishments stated in these guidelines, reach out to a member of the Management Team.

NLR Rules

NLR on AtomicRP is pretty simple. It is your job to decide whether or not you are able to come back to a specific location after you die. While most people wouldn’t care if you died to a hit on the street and came back, people would probably care if you came back during a raid to kill the person raiding after you died.

  • If you are defending your base and you die in a raid, you can not come back to kill the raiders and you can not inhibit their ability to raid in any way or form for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes, you have 1 more attempt to defend if they are still raiding your base.
  • After dying to someone for RP reasons, you cannot attempt any RP actions on them (mugging, kidnapping, killing) for 5 minutes

Here are some good and bad examples of NLR on AtomicRP

Going back to where you died from a hit to see your friends. (Allowed)

Going back to PD as a cop after you got RDM’d. (Allowed)

Going back to a raid after you get RDM’d (Allowed)

Going back to where you died from a hit to kill the hitman. (Not Allowed)

Joe going back to his base after it got raided and he died. (Not Allowed, until the raid is over or 5 minutes have passed)

Going back to Joe’s house you were raiding after you died. (Not Allowed)

As long as you use common sense and wait 5 minutes before performing an RP action on the person you died to, you should never have to be in a sit for breaking NLR.

Advert Rules

The following is a list of adverts you must/are encouraged to use on AtomicRP, all of these are for admin logging and nothing else.

  • PD Raid (must use)
  • Carjack (must use)
  • Bank Heist (must use)
  • Mug (must use)
  • Warn 1/2/3 (RP reasons and can help in sits)
  • Counter Raid (must use)
  • Advertisements for an in game business (Ex. for a gunshop, selling printers etc.)
  • Party Raid and Assists on Party Raids (So bystanders don’t get rdm’d)
  • Kidnapping
The following are adverts that are discouraged on AtomicRP
  • Raid
  • Hit Accepted/Declined/Completed/Failed
  • Crossfire
  • FearRP related adverts
  • Steal
Note: Multi Adverts (ex. Counter/Assist) are not allowed, and the use of them will be treated as if you aren't using any adverts.

RDM/RP Killing Rules

On AtomicRP, RDM without a valid roleplay reason is discouraged and can lead to long sits and “he said she said” situations, here are some examples of situations where killing is RP and killing is RDM.


  • Billy gets his jukebox stolen by a thief, Billy kills the thief for stealing his jukebox after threatening to kill him if he didn’t drop it. (Allowed, Billy had a good RP reason)
  • Billy sees a thief that raided him earlier that he doesn’t like, and shoots him in the face without any valid reason to do so. (Not Allowed, Billy didn’t have a good reason to kill them)
  • Tuna kills a cop after they ask to search him. (Not Allowed, killing a cop for asking to search him is a disproportionate response for the RP scenario.)
  • Tuna kills a cop after they insist on searching his base, and threaten to arrest him if he doesn’t let them in. (Allowed, Billy had a good RP reason [doesn't want to go to jail] to kill the cop.)
    imanoob is being followed by a 9 year old squeaker that mic spams everywhere he goes, after warning him multiple times to go away, he shot the squeaker since they didn’t leave. (Allowed, if someone is following you around annoying you, you are allowed to warn them to go away and kill them after you give them a reasonable amount of time to leave.)
    imanoob kills 9 y/o squeaker after he hears him mic spam once walking past him. (Not Allowed, you wouldn’t kill a boy in real life for being loud once, but maybe after a while of them following you, you would definitely want to kill them.)
Some Things To Remember About RP Killing/RDM
  • Excessive RDM is strictly prohibited (killing multiple people in a short period of time without any RP reason)
  • Use common sense! If you were in that situation IRL would you or someone else kill said person? if not you probably shouldn't kill them.
  • RDM rulings are left to staff discretion (if the person you killed believes they were killed without any reason)
  • Killing someone makes you AOS/KOS by Law Enforcement if a valid reason is not given under the current Mayor’s law board.
Prop Rules
  • No prop-climb/prop-surf. (this also applies to entities)
  • Prop Killing is forbidden. This is including but not limited to using the grav gun/physgun to propel props and/or entities, and glitching props/entities with intent to kill.
  • Propshielding is forbidden. Propshielding is defined as spawning a prop during a deathmatch with the intent of shielding yourself from damage. Any props placed before or in preparation to the deathmatch do not count as propshielding.
  • The prop limit is 100 for Users, 200 for VIP's, and 250 for VIP+
  • Using the ignite feature in the C menu will lead to you getting warned for FailRP
  • Using props or entities to block off spawn is a bannable offense.
Chat Rules
  • English is the primary language on AtomicRP
  • Do not be annoying/spam OOC chat
  • No spamming of /advert
  • Use @ to call an admin, any other way will be ignored.
  • No micspam unless MOTD/job description says otherwise
  • No advertising of any IRL media/other GMod servers
  • No doxxing information is to be sent through any of the server’s chats (Instant Ban)
  • Adverts are to be clear and to the point, you shouldn’t have a bind that is a paragraph long
  • Witchhunting and harassing a singular player for an extended period of time is discouraged, and will get you muted/gagged by staff.

RP Action Rules


  • As a kidnapper, you are only allowed to kidnap someone once every 10 minutes (every 20 minutes for the same person)
  • As a kidnapper, you are not allowed to join a party.
  • The minute you handcuff someone, you are allowed to keep them for 10 minutes before you must let them go or kill them.
  • As a kidnapper, you must advert Kidnap
  • Failing to follow these rules will lead to a demotion if caught breaking them.
  • You can mug someone once every 10 mins for a maximum of 10k.
  • FearRP is not a rule on AtomicRP, if you mug someone, they are able to fight back.
  • If you are to mug someone, they must have a minimum of 10 seconds to drop money before you kill them.
  • As a hitman you cannot tell a person to place a hit on someone.
  • You should try to limit the amount of times you kill one person in a short amount of time. (don't take a hit on one person 7 times)
  • As a hitman you cannot join a party.
  • You do not have to advert Hit Accepted/Hit Complete

You can counter if...

  1. You are in a party with the victim of the RP action (ex. your friend's base is getting raided, since you are in the same party as them you shoot the raider)
  2. You are Law Enforcement (breaking into homes is illegal, and a default law)
  3. You are Doom Slayer (You must advert counter, and you can counter all raids.)
  • As a criminal that is allowed to carjack (shown in the Job Description), you are allowed to carjack every 20 minutes.
  • If you steal a car, you are not allowed to intentionally drive the vehicle into the water (this is considered FailRP)
  • There is no limit to the ransom you can hold for a car
  • After 20 minutes, you must return the car to its original owner or you will be demoted from your job and warned for FailRP
  • No Colliding vehicles will lead to your car being removed and will result in a FailRP warn.
Basing Rules

The basing rules on AtomicRP are meant to create a balance between attackers/raiders and are always open to change, if you believe any of these rules create a misbalance, feel free to make a post on the forums.

Base Location

  • You may not base in a way that blocks or restricts access to any NPCs or entities pertinent to RP.
  • Bases that block out the sky, or are in any way unneedingly large, are not allowed.
  • You can only base with people in the same job category as you (ex. Thief with Bitminer, Gun Dealer with Black Market Dealer)
  • You may not base in any place that blocks or restricts other players’ ability to travel freely on the map
  • You can only base in the Police Station as Police roles with permission from the mayor. (Illegal money making methods such as weed or money printing are not allowed)
  • You can only base in the Bank as a Bank role with permission from the Manager (Printers and Bitminers allowed, nothing else)
  • As a hobo, you are not allowed to build on the road, you must build on sidewalks/pavilions
  • Jobs with door ownership can only base in the building with their respective door ownership. (Ex. Bank Manager in the Bank, Sewer Dweller in the Sewer Dweller Territory)
Base Design
  • A base can have a maximum of 4 fading doors to get to the inside. (see Terminology for what classifies as 1 fading door),
  • Killboxes are not allowed (any box where the defender can shoot at the raider and the raider cannot shoot back)
  • Fading doors must stay open for at least 5 seconds.
  • No maze bases / long bases. A base can have a maximium of 3 turns.
  • The use of entities that cause AOE damage to deter raiders is not allowed.
  • KOS signs are allowed
    • Must be for reasonable things (No KOS for any reason signs)
    • KOS lines must not be on any sidewalk or street
    • KOS signs must be easily visible at the main entrance and over text size 40
    • KOS signs cannot be blended into the background of whatever they are being placed on
  • Building signs are allowed
    • No loot may be inside of the base while this sign is up
    • You may not raid a base with a building sign up
    • Building signs must be easily visible at the main entrance and over text size 40
    • Building signs cannot blend into the background of whatever they are placed on.
  • The use of textures to disorient raiders is not allowed (no blackout bases)
  • The use of nocollided props to walk through and shoot from during a raid is not allowed.
  • No entrances that require crouching or jumping (no crouch bases)
  • Your base must have a clear pathway to the loot (if a raider was raiding it for the 1st time, they would know where to go)
  • You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part)
  • In your base, you are allowed to have world glow props, but they are not allowed to be no clipped, or shot through during a raid.
  • Shooting blinds do not count towards the fading door count (but you can only toggle all of your shooting binds to one button)
  • Shooting blinds must have a space of 30.00 in precision or more (no really tiny head glitches)
  • Buttons can only be used to open shooting blinds if they are on toggle mode (on and off)
  • The space between 2 fading doors must be enough for 2 people to fit between the length of the door behind them, and the one in front of them.
  • You cannot place fading doors along ladders, or any vertical stretches of a base.
  • When shooting at a raider during a raid, you must be able to be seen by the raider. (No fence bases with world glow props)

Megabases are allowed, but only if you have at least 4 people in the same Job Category ex. Gangs (Criminals with Criminals, Citizens with Citizens) living in it. (You can’t have a massive base and have most of it unused)

  • There can only be one entrance or exit for the outer compound of the mega base.
  • The base cannot block off important or large portions of the map (ex. main street, spawn, residential.)
  • Your group must own every front door for each building in the compound of the megabase.
    (It would be smart to ask an admin if a spot is ok, better safe than sorry.)
  • You are allowed to block off certain NPC's and Entities as long as there are other options around or near your base.
  • Mega Bases still have a maximum of 3 fading doors, but you not need to have a front door to add each additional fading door to your base design.
Raiding Rules

Attacking Raiders

  • You do not need to advert raids for bases. (this does not apply to party raiders)
  • But you still must advert for mugging/kidnapping/warn/pd raid and bank raid.
  • Only jobs with (CAN RAID) in the descriptions are allowed to raid bases/pd/bank
  • The use of cameras to be physgunned into a base are strictly prohibited. (considered Prop Abuse)
  • Raids last 10 minutes (the raid begins at the first lockpick/first keypad crack)
Note: This means if you kill the raider right at the beginning, you have 5 minutes before the raider will be able to come back and defend their base again.

Defending a Raid

During a raid, you cannot...

  • Place new props
  • Use keybinds to open fading doors
  • Come back after dying (for 5 minutes)
  • When shooting at a raider during a raid, you must be able to be seen by the raider. (No fence bases with world glow props)

If you believe the person raiding you was using hacks, do not call an admin, make a ticket on the Discord. (we have an anti-cheat system that can take screenshots of a player's screen)

Mugging Rules

  • The maximum mug is 10k
  • You can mug once every 5 minutes, 10 minutes for the same person
  • Mugging makes you AOS/KOS to cops
  • You must advert Mug
  • You must wait 10 seconds before killing the person you are mugging, or it is considered RDM.
Job Rules

Every job's F4 Menu job description has rules on what that job is allowed to do. If the rules for the job you want to play arent listed in the rules please view the F4 job description for that job.


  • You can make money through legal methods (bitminers)
  • You are allowed to base. (in the bank for bankers, on the street for hobos, citizens can base anywhere)
  • You cannot raid, or participate in any illegal activity
  • You have a gun license.
  • As a Banker/Bank Manager, you are allowed to keep other people's printers for safekeeping, but must return them when they come back to deposit.
  • You can make money through any means.
  • You are allowed to base anywhere
  • As a Drug Dealer/Black Market Dealer, you are AOS if you get caught by law enforcement selling.
  • As a cocaine producer/meth cook/ or weed grower, you are AOS if caught by law enforcement producing or selling.
  • Each criminal job has different RP actions they are allowed to perform (view f4 descriptions)
  • As a hitman, you can kill others for money at the request of a client
  • As a crime boss, you can perform any crime and stop police from arresting people.
  • Crips are KOS to Bloods (and vice versa)
  • Gang Members must follow the orders of the leader
  • You are allowed to make money through any means.
  • You can base anywhere, preferably with your fellow brethren.
  • You can perform any crime, at the orders of your leader.
Law Enforcement/Government

As law enforcement, there is a distinct difference between an arrestable offense and a killable offense.

Killable Offense: Any crime that puts the lives of you or your fellow officers/citizens at risk, or a crime where the perpetrator refuses to listen to orders. (examples include but are not limited to: raiding, mugging with a gun, kidnapping after the kidnapper refuses orders)

Arrestable Offense: Any crime where you and your fellow officers/citizens are not in immediate risk

  • As a Law Enforcement officer (SWAT, Police Officer, DEA etc.), you are expected to uphold the law of the land, you cannot commit crimes, and are not able to base anywhere, except with the mayor (in the police station)
  • As the mayor, you are allowed to build inside of the police station. You are able to build using fading doors as long as every other member of the government that requests access to the keypads gets it.
Note: Administration always has final say, while we do not want to be demoting people for making one mistake, we also want to encourage people to play PD roles and be a mayor. As long as you use common sense and treat the job like a real police officer would, you shouldn’t get into any trouble.

Thank you for reading through our rules fully! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us staff in game or on our discord you can find at the bottom of our homepage. Enjoy your time on AtomicRP!
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