Rule Suggestion 𝓒𝓸𝓰𝓼 - Allow police checkpoints and Mayor basing outside of PD.


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Jul 7, 2022

Suggestion Type: Change to the Rules

What is getting changed?: Allow police checkpoints and Mayor basing outside of PD.

Where does this need to be changed?: Government Rules

Why is this a good change?: I think the government roleplay could be expanded by allowing the police to have two checkpoints around the map. These checkpoints however would have some restrictions.

1) They cannot completely deny access to an area (The checkpoint can force someone to take the long way around, but the person doesn't have to go through the/a checkpoint to go where they are going) however a checkpoint cannot force someone to use the sewer.
2) The checkpoint itself must be thin(Really should just be a fence and a door) and can only be secured with one fading door and keypad.
3) Police can implement tolls for the checkpoint (Up to you to specify a limit)
4) Police can implement requirements for access through the checkpoint (I.e do a little dance, submit to a weapons search, etc)
5) In an exception to the rules, police are allowed to allow certain classes immediate access through the checkpoint. (So you could make an anti-hobo checkpoint.
I think this would give the government something more to do, while also not being too excessive because people could always go around the checkpoint.

Additionally this mod

or this mod

would pair well with the checkpoint. It might also be a nice spawnable for police and bodyguards.

ALSO, I think the Mayor since he is technically a civilian, should be able to base outside of PD. However, he should not be able to base with criminal classes and should not be allowed to have illegal items inside his base.

Lastly, I feel that suggestions should be moved to the discord. There are a variety of good suggestion bots. This forum has alot of restrictions and timers which can cause issues when posting long suggestions.