Denied crime boi Refund Request from Sep 22, 2022

crime boi

Jul 28, 2022
Username: crime boi

In-Game Name ♛ crime boi


Discord yesn't#9025

Date of Item Loss Sep 22, 2022

Time of Item Loss around 9:37 AM MST

What happened? the dumbass i am forgot that holster is broken, i took out an armor vape and could not holster, i then went into a building and recorded a video of it (server started crashing a few minutes later)

What do you need refunded? armor vape or 400k

Please put any evidence to substantiate your claim here. uploaded to, a trusted file sharing site
i did not configure bandicam correctly so please just ignore google


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Oct 22, 2021
Planet Earth
Refund Denied
After getting sent the video from someone else.
the video does not show the server crashing. if you have one that does send it to me in my DMS DarkTreip#1911
and if it shows the server crashing ill refund you. but for now its denied.