[DarkRP] Rules and Guidelines

3/9/24 Rule Update
EMISC8. Advert Over and False are valid adverts, but are not required.
Updated HGO4.
HGO4. Law Enforcement are not allowed to taze random players without reason and are not allowed to plant evidence.
Note: When playing on AtomicRP, you are expected to understand the rules and guidelines, by closing this page and playing on the server, our staff are assuming that you have read our rules and guidelines. If you don't want to read our rules, that's okay, but we highly encourage it to keep you out of the sit room and playing our server as much as possible.

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Enforcement/Punishment Guidelines
Want to know everything about how the staff enforce our Rules and Guidelines? Click here! (https://forums.atomicnetworks.co/threads/drp-enforcement-guidelines.4007/)
Planning on MRDMing? Check out our Punishment Guidelines to see how long you'll be banned! Click here! (https://forums.atomicnetworks.co/threads/drp-punishment-guidelines.456/)
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If you don't want to make a report, reach out to a Super Admin on Discord or a member of management if you notice a staff member representing AtomicRP poorly.
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This ruleset is proprietary documentation owned by Atomic Networks LLC. Do not reproduce or make derivatives of this documentation w/o permission from the owners.

Section A: General Rules
A1. Listen to staff instructions in staffing situations at all times.
A2. Be respectful to other players and do not go out of your way to ruin other players experiences on our server. Witchhunting (deliberate harassment with intent to ruin another player's experience) is Not Allowed.
Witchhunting encompasses but is not limited to...

> Constantly engaging in RP actions towards another player with malintent.
> Engaging in slanderous comments (claims without proof) with an intent to harass, perpetuate drama, or cause controversy.
>Telling someone to kill themselves.

A3. Do not impersonate staff members/other players.
A4. Do not intentionally abuse exploits, report them to a staff member.
A5. Do not threaten to or attempt to DDOS/Crash The Server. Don't compromise other players' security.

> Releasing any personally identifiable information (even as a joke) is enforced with a permanent network ban. This includes but is not limited to ips, names, addresses, and phone numbers.
A6. The use of Third Party Software (Cheat Clients, Software to bypass AFK check etc.) is strictly prohibited.
A7. Using an alt account to circumvent a ban will lead to all of your accounts being permanently banned.
A8. While AFKing is allowed, expect to have your job changed if you own no/few entities and you are AFK on a high demand job with low player slots.
A9. Agreements between players outside of 1st party AtomicRP addons for in game money, items, entities, etc. are Non Enforceable (Staff won't intervene)
A10. The exchange of in-game money/items for external resources outside of first party Atomic Addons (real world cash, steam items, etc.) is not allowed. Selling ranks/custom class access for in-game cash is strictly prohibited.
A11. RDM/MRDM is Not Allowed

> Random Deathmatch is when a player kills another player for no valid reason.
> Mass RDM is when a player kills 3 players in a short period of time for no valid reason.
> On AtomicRP, ARDM (more commonly referred to as Attempted RDM) is handled the same way as RDM by our staff team.

A12. RDA/MRDA is Not Allowed
> Random Arrest is when a player arrests another player for no valid reason.
> Mass RDA is when a player arrests 3 players in a short period of time for no valid reason.

A13. Scamming is Not Allowed
> Scamming is when a player engages in a deceptive act to coerce another player into an exchange for nothing or something miniscule in return.

Section B: Chat Rules
B1. English is the primary language on AtomicRP, it is expected to be used in Advert. In other contexts, feel free to speak whatever language you wish (as long as it follows these other rules)
B2. No spamming of /ooc. /advert, @ chat or voice chat.
B3. Advertising of other Garry's Mod communities or discord servers is strictly prohibited.
B4. Targeted use of language towards other players in a way that can be interpreted as Racism/Hate Speech is Not Allowed.

- Context matters, staff have final say over situations where thin ice has been treaded.
- If you don't want to leave things up to interpretation for a staff member, stay away from the terms/topics listed below
> N-Word, F-Word, R-Word
> Jokes about Rape/Incest
> Uncomfortable comments that cross other players' boundaries

B5. AtomicRP and Atomic Networks as a broader community take a hard stand against sexual harassment and misconduct.
> It is the expectation that you as a player actively report allegations of this type to a member of the management team.
> Never bring allegations public, as it will only cause more drama and make it more difficult for the team to gather evidence.
> For more information about our sexual misconduct policy, click here.
> The management team will record, forward, and act on evidence only if requested.

Section C: Prop Rules
C1. Prop-Minging is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to Prop Climbing, Prop Spamming and Prop Shielding
C2. Propblock is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to)...

> Blocking off flag territories to prevent capture
> Blocking off other players' builds.
> Blocking off important NPCs and entities.

C3. Placing Props in Spawn Areas is strictly prohibited.
> Propblocking in spawn is Not Allowed
> Basing in Spawn Tunnels is Not Allowed.
> Bodyblocking to prevent players from leaving spawn is Not Allowed.

C4. Content that can be interpreted as Racist/Hateful towards marginalized groups are not allowed.
> Context matters, staff have final say over situations where thin ice has been treaded.
> NSFW Keypads are Not Allowed.

C5. The physgunning of Cameras, Props, or Textscreens into another player's base is not allowed.
C6. Placing any sort of entities and props (Printers, Gun Shelves, Casino Slots, etc.) in Spawn/Spawn Tunnels as any job is not allowed
C7. Builds that spark controversy will be removed/changed at staff discretion. Atomic is not a place to discuss current events/issues.
C8. Abuse of the Alt+E system to enter out of bounds territories/player builds is not allowed. You will be banned for Abusing an Exploit if you abuse this feature.

Section D: NLR Rules
D1. If you are defending your base and you die in a raid, you can not come back to kill the raiders and you can not inhibit their ability to raid in any way or form for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes, you have 1 more attempt to defend if they are still raiding your base.
D2. After dying to someone for RP reasons, you cannot attempt any RP actions on them (mugging, kidnapping, raiding, etc.) for 5 minutes

> All RP Actions have a 5 minute cooldown to do them to another player (10 minutes to do it to the same person)
> This applies to raiding, mugging, kidnapping, and more. Refer to the Enforcement Guidelines for a full list.
> Performing multiple RP actions on a player in quick succession is Not Allowed. 1 RP action on a player every ten minutes.

NLR on AtomicRP is pretty simple. It is your job to decide whether or not you are able to come back to a specific location after you die. While most people wouldn’t care if you died to a hit on the street and came back, people would probably care if you came back during a raid to kill the person raiding after you died.

Going back to where you died from a hit to see your friends. (
Allowed, as long as you are not interacting with the hitman)

Going back to PD as a cop after you got RDM’d. (
Allowed, as long as you reported the RDM to a staff member)

Going back to your base at the beach when you died at the fountain. (
Allowed, you are staying away from the area that the RP event happened.)

Going back to watch a raid after you get killed. (
Allowed, as long as you aren't actively participating in the RP event, you can watch it, but expect to possibly be killed by the raider again if you are close enough to the event.)

Going back to where you died from a hit to kill the hitman. (
Not Allowed, you cannot perform RP Actions on the person you died to for 10 mins)

Joe going back to his base to retaliate after it got raided and he died. (
Not Allowed, Joe can't go back until the raid is over or 5 minutes have passed)

Going back to Joe’s house you were raiding after you were killed inside his base. (
Not Allowed, you cannot perform RP Actions on the person you died to for 10 mins)

Section E: RP Action Rules

Raiding Rules (RR)
ERR1. Only jobs with (CAN RAID) in their F4 menu job description are allowed to raid.
ERR2. Any form of raid (Party/PD/Bank etc.) must begin from the entrance of the base/building that is being raided.
ERR3. Raids last 10 minutes, and begin when a raiding tool is used (keypad, lockpick, EMP) or a raid advert is called.

ERR4. In situations where a solo raid begins using a raid tool (not killing a player) a solo raider does not need to advert raid. Solo raiders cannot raid in a party.
ERR5. Raiders that want to raid together must be in an !party, and must advert Party Raid/Assist.
ERR6. Raiders can only raid bases that do not have RP Build/Building signs.
ERR7. All Bank/PD Raids must be adverted. (Including Solo Raids)
ERR8. If you are using raiding tools to enter an area, you are KOS to the owner of the area regardless of the sign (or lack thereof)
ERR9. Inside Raiding (Insiding) is not allowed.

> Inside raiding is defined as: Any raid that does not start from the start of the base entrance. This also applies to situations where the insider is already in the base.

Defending Rules (DR)
EDR1. Destroying the valuables in your base/leaving the server/changing jobs to circumvent the consequences of losing a raid is Not Allowed.

> This does not apply to scenarios where you are taking out money from printers or inventorying entities.
EDR2. Making changes to your base during a raid is not allowed. As a a kidnapper you cannot create a base around a kidnapped player.
EDR3. Relocking/closing world entity doors after they have been opened during a raid is Not Allowed.

Mugging Rules (MR)
EMR1. Only jobs with (CAN MUG) in their F4 menu job description are allowed to mug.
EMR2. The maximum you can mug for is 10k or 10000
EMR3. All mugs must be adverted (example. /advert Mug drop 10k or die)
EMR4. When mugging, the mugger must give the person being mugged 10 seconds beginning from the advert to drop the money before killing the person they are mugging. The player being mugged must be aware that they are being mugged.
EMR5. FearRP does not exist on AtomicRP. When you mug someone, they are able to fight back.

Kidnapping Rules (KR)
EKR1. Only jobs with (CAN KIDNAP) in their F4 menu job description are allowed to Kidnap.
EKR2. When kidnapping, a kidnapper must advert Kidnap (ex. /advert Kidnap)
EKR3. The maximum ransom for a kidnap is 50k or 50000
EKR4. When the handcuffs go onto the kidnapped person, the Kidnapper is allowed to keep them for 10 minutes if the ransom is not paid.

> If you are a kidnapped player, you cannot make use of raiding tools to escape a kidnap scenario once you are free from the cuffs. This is considered insiding since the raid to break free from the enclosure does not start from the entrance of said base.

Warning Rules (WR)
EWR1. As any job, if you are being bothered/harassed by another player following you, you can advert Warn.

> If you advert warn to a player 3 times, you are allowed to kill them
EWR2. If the player you are warning stops following you and goes away, you cannot kill the player.
EWR3. Each Warn advert must have 3 seconds in between each advert.
EWR4. If you are being warned by another player, you are not allowed to fight back until you are damaged.

Hit Rules (HR)
EHR1. Jobs that are able to take hits in the !hits menu are not allowed to be in a party.
EHR2. As a Hitman, do not take hits on the same person multiple times in a short time period
EHR3. As a Hitman, you cannot tell someone to place a hit on another player.

Countering Rules (CR)
You can only counter if...
ECR1. You are in a party with the victim of the RP action (ex. your friend's getting mugged, since you are in the same party as them you shoot the mugger)
ECR2. You are Law Enforcement (breaking into homes is illegal, and a default law)
ECR3. You are the Vigilante (You must advert counter, and you can counter all RP actions)

Miscellaneous RP Rules (MISC)
EMISC1. Stealing is allowed, and does not require an advert. You are allowed to KOS someone that steals something from you. This does not apply to weapon ammo or dropping small amounts of money with the intent to KOS.
EMISC2. Crossfire is not a valid advert.
EMISC3. Multi-Adverts and Colored Adverts are not allowed, the use of them will be treated as if you didn't advert at all.

> The RP action you are adverting must be yellow (ex. /advert {*You just called yourself a noob} Raid)
EMISC4. Using killbinds/entering spawn to avert RP situations is not allowed.
EMISC5. The act of "raidbaiting" (getting a player to raid/enter your KOS/Building/RP-Build zone for an item/valuable and proceeding to KOS them) is not allowed.
EMISC6. Weapon Checks are an action that can be performed by police at any time, for any reason. KOSing a police officer for checking for weapons is not allowed.

> We recommend using the /warn system in circumstances where you want a player to leave you alone.
EMISC7. Using the handcuffs or stun stick on another player for no reason is not allowed.
EMISC8. Advert Over and False are valid adverts, but are not required.

Section F: Gang Rules
Note: This section details rules for members of a gang on AtomicRP, to join a gang type !gang.

Flag Territory Rules (TR)
FTR1. All Criminals, Gangs, or Donator (VIP/VIP+/CC) Job Categories within colored flag territory are KOS to one another.
FTR2. Players may only defend/attack flags as jobs within the Criminals, Gangs, or Donator (VIP/VIP+/CC) Job Categories

> Donator jobs that are allowed to partake in criminal RP Actions are allowed to capture territories. (no capping points or KOSing players as civilian/police donor jobs)

Section G: Basing Rules
For deeper interpretations of these rules, refer to the Enforcement Guidelines (Click Here)

Location Rules (LR) - [rules about where your base can be]
GLR1. You may not build in a way that blocks or restricts access to any unique NPC's or entities that are important for a job.
GLR2. You may not build in a way that blocks or restricts another player's ability to travel freely around the map. (This applies to builds that force a player to leave an entrapment)
GLR3. A base location is only allowed to take up 1 part of the map.

> 1 part of the map is defined as; 1 building
> For rooftops, the same rule applies.
> This rule is entirely enforced at staff discretion.

GLR4. Building anything that is in or above the fountain area is not allowed. (on the sidewalk and in the fountain area itself)
GLR5: To "own" a base location, you must own all the corresponding doors that encompass your building.

> If your basing location does not have doors, it is first come first serve; the person with the props there first will get to use the location. Using a building sign will show others that the area is claimed.
> Note: All scenarios in regards to doors and prop usage is at the discretion of the staff.

GLR6. Jobs with door ownership can only base in the building with their respective door ownership.
> Jobs that have door ownership will have their required basing area in the F4 Job Description labeled as Required Basing Area
> Examples of this include: Government Jobs, Bank Jobs in Bank, Sewer Dwellers in Sewers
> Bases that are connected to any job based locations (ex. Sewer Base connected to PD) are not allowed.
GLR7. Only one base is allowed to be built per party basing.

GLR8. The use of props/entities in tunnels is not allowed.

Entryway Rules (ER) - [rules about the pathway into your base]

GER1. A base can have a maximum of four keypad doors in the entryway path. Each of these respective doors must only open once on entry and exit.
GER2. Each keypad door must have a Hold Length of five seconds minimum, with no Initial Delay.
GER3. Opening fading doors using keybinds is not allowed. Keypads must be used for fading doors at all times.
GER4. The space between 1 keypad door and another must be able to fit a minimum of 1 "
cube025x3x025" prop horizontally. The space between 1 keypad door and another can be a maximum of 1 "plate16" prop. It cannot take more than 3 plate 16s to get to valuables.
GER5. The use of keypads/buttons/lights to disorient or throw off a raider is not allowed.
GER6. Maze Base Designs are Not Allowed (More than 6 90 degree turns)
GER7. Base Designs that require a raider to exit the standing state at any point to enter the base are Not Allowed. This applies to props and usage of the map.
GER8. Blackout/Texturized/Invisible Base Designs that impede a raiders ability to enter are Not Allowed.
GER9. Base Designs that make use of water segments in the loot pathway to gain an advantage against raiders are Not Allowed.

> The "loot pathway" is the entire distance between the keypad crack range of your first keypad door and your valuables.

GER10. Base Designs that make use of drop boxes or force the player to slide are Not Allowed.
GER11. Pixel Perfect entryway are Not Allowed (making use of precision tool to make it extremely difficult for a raider to enter)
GER12. Usage of doors locked in the "open" state to impede the raider's ability to raid is not allowed.

Shooting Window Rules (SW) - [rules about the windows you use to shoot raiders entering your base]
GSW1. A base must be designed in a way where both parties can see and shoot at one another during a raid. This also applies to bases that make use of render distance.
> Making use of tinted shooting blinds or opacity to disorient a raider's aim is not allowed.
>Making use of a "Headglitch" whereby the top of a player's head is the only visible part, is not allowed. The whole head should be visible.

GSW2. World Glow Glitch props are allowed, but they are not allowed to be shot through during a raid.
GSW3. Shooting blinds are allotted a minimum width/height size of 1 "
cube05x05x05" prop.
GSW4. All buttons used to open shooting blinds in a base must be binded to one key.
GSW5. All buttons used to open fading doored props must be put on toggle mode.
GSW6. Killbox Base Designs are Not Allowed
GSW7. Bases that make use of Angled Shooting Blinds are Not Allowed.
GSW8. The use of No-Collided Props in a base design is Not Allowed.

Sign Rules (SR) - [rules about the text screens you are allowed to put outside your base]
GSR1. There are 3 allowed sign types on AtomicRP
> KOS/AOS Signs (Used to show that entering an area makes you kill/arrest on sight)
> Building Signs (Used to show there is no raidables and that the base is still under construction, you can still kill people inside of your base when building)
> RP Build (Used to show that your complete build has no raidables, and is for RP only, bases with this sign can't be raided and can ignore the rules on entryways and shooting blinds!)

GSR2. KOS/Building/RP Build signs must be...
> Size 40 or above
> Specific (No "KOS Any Reason"/"KOS if Annoying/KOS if Loitering" signs, the more specific the better.)
- Staff have final say on signs, if you have an issue with a staff interpretation, reach out to Wilkers
- Examples of Banned Phrases ("Once KOS always KOS", "KOS Will Chase")

GSR3. KOS/Building/RP Build Signs are not allowed to be blended into the background of whatever they are being placed on.
GSR4. KOS/Building/RP Build signs must be easily visible, at the front entrance of the build/base.
GSR5. If you have an RP Build Sign, you are not participating in activities that can get you raided. Only the Hitman Job can raid your base.
GSR6. You cannot stack different types of signs, you can either have a KOS sign, Building sign, or RP Build sign.
GSR7. In order to be part of/defend a base, you must have your name on the front door, or visible in the base signage for a potential raider.

> For bases w/o front doors, place a textscreen in front of your base with the names of the players basing in there. (sign must be at least size 40 and visible)
> Even if you are able to counter, you must have your name on the front of the base visible (unless you are PD or Vigilante)

Section H: Job Rules
For non-government job rules, refer to the F4 Menu Description for the job you would like to play.

Government Rules (GO)
HGO1. As law enforcement, there is a distinct difference between an arrestable offense and a killable offense.
> Killable Offense: Any crime that puts the lives of you or your fellow officers/citizens at risk, or a crime where the perpetrator refuses to listen to orders. (examples include but are not limited to: raiding, mugging with a gun, kidnapping after the kidnapper refuses orders)
> Arrestable Offense: Any crime where you and your fellow officers/citizens are not in immediate risk

HGO2. As a Law Enforcement officer (SWAT, Police Officer, DEA etc.), you must advert raid with a valid search reason from the mayor to check a base for valuables.
HGO3. The following types of laws are not allowed. (FailRP and Demotion)

> Laws that punish jaywalking in any way
> Laws that involve KOS punishments
> Laws that put a group or person above the law
> Laws that make a group or person AOS
> Making "all weapons" AOS (this confuses cops with the weapon checker)
> Making "Weapon out" AOS
> Laws that directly conflict with default laws.
> Laws that seriously inhibit the flow of normal roleplay (i.e purge laws, jumping/running against the law, etc.)

HGO4. Law Enforcement are not allowed to taze random players without reason and are not allowed to plant evidence.
HGO5. The mayor's office is automatically KOS to anyone that is not the Mayor or the Mayor's Wife.

> This does not mean all of PD is KOS, Government Jobs must make a KOS sign in order to make PD KOS.

HGO6. Killing people in their jail cells while they are arrested is Not Allowed. Placing keypad doors in or prop blocking the jail cells is Not Allowed.
> As a member of Law Enforcement, you are allowed to denote a KOS area outside of the prisoners' cells, but you are not allowed to kill them for being in their cells.
> While you are allowed to charge bail, you are not allowed to do so using keypad doors.
HGO7. As a Law Enforcement job, you are able to /warrant when...
> There is valid, reasonable suspicion that the base you are warranting contains illegal items (ex. you hear printers, you see weed pots, etc.)
> You receive testimony and proof from another player of illegal items in a property.
> /warrants for any other reason are FailRP

HGO8. As a Law Enforcement job, you are only allowed to base inside of the police department building.
HGO9. A /lockdown can last a maximum of 10 minutes per every 30 minutes. "Inside" is inside a world-building.
HGO10. Government jobs cannot base/party with non-government jobs.

Note: Administration always has final say, while we do not want to be demoting people for making one mistake, we also want to encourage people to play PD roles and be a mayor. As long as you use common sense and treat the job like a real police officer would, you shouldn’t get into any trouble.

Thank you for reading through our rules fully! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us staff in game or on our discord you can find at the bottom of our homepage. Enjoy your time on AtomicRP!
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