Denied Doggy dance Staff Application

Doggy dance

New Member
Mar 17, 2023
Username: Doggy dance

◈ Your In-Game Name: Doggy dancer

Link to your Public Steam Profile:

Your Age: 15

Your Discord Tag: Doggy dancer#5147

Is your discord name the same as your In-Game Name on AtomicRP? Yes

Have you ever been warned or banned on any Atomic Networks servers? Yes

Please detail all of your warns and bans. I have been warned for mistakes when i just new on the server like just Alt+f4 during a raid because i was tired. My only like real warn if you would like to call it that is when i was warned for failrp i placed 3 hits on somebody that was anoying me outside of my base.

How much playtime do you have on the server? 2d 1h 22m

Have you read up on our rules fully? Yes

Have you read up on the (DRP) Staff Information section of the forums? Yes

Do you have a microphone and use it on a consistent basis? Yes

Do you have any prior experience staffing on other Garry's Mod servers within the past 4 years? No

Have you previously staffed on AtomicRP? No

What is your time zone? Stockholm CET

What time of the day (for you) are you usually on? 16-18/20 my time

Why do you want to be a part of the AtomicRP Staff Team? i whant to help the server (and im to poor for supporter+)

Why should you be accepted onto the AtomicRP Staff Team? when i log on there is not often an admin online if i get to become staff i can help with this problem and cover that part of the day

Optional: Include any other information about yourself that you'd like the community and the management team to know about you. I am just a 15 (soon 16) year old boy with a love for RP and this community. I also like the idea this sever belives in and whant to help it thrive more.
This application has absolute no effort displayed
You can be staff for the main reason of supporter + but you should not express your motives as in how you did

-1 No effort put into the application. Feist stated above supporter + is a benefit and should not be a main reason of wanting to join the staff team.
Not much effort shown. Could use some more details for describing your previous warns. Not seeing you put effort into grammar. Like said above, Supporter+ should only be a perk, not your actual reason for joining the staff team. Next time, put some more time and effort into your application.


Applying to be a staff member for the sole purpose of having the benefit of access to Supporter+, hmm... good luck having any of us vouch for you with that as your basis for wanting to staff.