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AtomicRP Staff Handbook

These policies (including all Blanket Network Policies) must be followed by all staff members with the rank of Admin or below for AtomicRP

1. As a staff member, you are not to use your staffing privileges outside of staffing situations. Doing so will lead to Demotion/Removal from the Staff Team, being put on Forced LOA, and possible punishments in-game via a Server/Network Ban.
> Abusing staff privileges includes using your staff permissions to gain an advantage over a normal player.

2. As a staff member, you are expected to use common sense and maintain control and maturity over your emotions. Don't be a piss baby, and don't spark drama within the community.

3. Never enforce rules that are not in the AtomicRP Rules and Guidelines, and never punish someone for a reason that is not explicitly shown on the AtomicRP Punishment Guidelines.

4. When banning a player, you must follow the template below.

!ban [STEAMID Only] [Ban Length] [Ban Reason] - Banned by [Your Name] - Appeal at

5. When jailing a player, you must follow the template below.
!jail [STEAMID Only] [Jail Length] [Jail Reason]

6. All AtomicRP Staff Members are expected to be present and active within the general community (Discord and Forums)

7. All AtomicRP Staff Members are expected to be present and able to respond to players on the Atomic Networks Discord either in the drp-staff-chat voice channel or in any of the regular user voice channels while in-game on AtomicRP.

8. Always follow the Hierarchy of Staff. Reach out to every person that is the rank above you before reaching out to a member of the Management Team. (Of course exceptions to this rule are when it is an issue that can only be handled by an Upper Staff or Management Team Member)

9. The Staff Member with the Highest Rank always has the final say. Do not argue with a higher-ranked staff member's decision unless they are breaking the rules. In that case, you must report to a member of the Management Team.

10. Do not teleport to staff members of higher ranks without their prior permission.

11. Never disrespect or threaten other staff members or members of the Atomic Networks Community.

12. If you need to make a report on a staff member, compile evidence and send it to a Member of the Management Team. If you are caught being complicit in Staff Abuse, you will receive the same punishment as the person abusing their staff privileges.

13. Always remain professional and impartial. Responding to negative/critical feedback about your performance as a staff member in a toxic or otherwise unproductive fashion is strictly prohibited.

14. As an AtomicRP Staff Member, never break the rules on the Discord, Forums, or other Atomic Networks servers. Doing so will lead to reprimand on AtomicRP.

15. When possible, never take a sit for/punish someone for breaking rules in a situation that you were involved in.

> Before handling the situation yourself, make a ticket first.
> If you cannot have someone of a higher rank take your ticket, you are allowed to handle the situation on your own.

- Tickets that are taken involving you will be given extra scrutiny.
- Misusing this power will result in instant removal from the staff team and a possible addition to the staff blacklist.

16. When coming to a verdict during a sit, you must remain unbiased and impartial at all times.
> Your opinion is not what dictates the verdict. What dictates a verdict is the evidence from the logs, testimony given by witnesses, and other forms of evidence collected by players.
> Other Staff Members and people that have donated do not get special treatment, they are subject to the same rules and level of scrutiny as a normal player that has just joined the server.
> This means you must get all sides of the story, asking both parties involved in the sit for testimony and backing their testimony up with evidence from the logs.
> Do not take bribes, and do not allow yourself to be influenced by outside sources in your verdict.
> If you are not able to come to a verdict, you are expected to reach out to a higher ranked staff. If there isn't a higher ranked staff on, tell the player that they need to file a player report on the forums because you were not able to come to a verdict.

17. Do not punish a player for breaking one rule multiple times in the same sit.
> Ex. A player RDM's another player two times and has a sit called on them, instead of warning twice for RDM and giving them a 10 minute jail, warn them once for RDM and jail them for 5 minutes.
> Note that if a player RDM's two different players and they both call sits around the same time, still jail the offender for 1 offense.

18. Remember the differences between Active, and Interventive Moderation
> Only actively engage in player situations when it is obvious and self-evident that the offender is ruining the server experience for a large amount of players. (Ex. MRDM, Racism, Abusing an Exploit etc.)
> In all other circumstances, no crying, keep flying. The main goal of the staffing team is to ensure that everyone is having fun on the server, if 2 players are bending rules against one another and they are not ruining the experience for others, it is not your place to step in and ruin their fun.
> If you are a newer staff member, this may seem a bit confusing at first, but as you get more experience you will quickly learn when you need to step in and break up the lunchroom brawls.

19. If you need to take a break from your duties, you are allowed to post an LOA (Leave of Absence), and if you need to take a break, or need to staff with less obligation, you are allowed to request a ROA (Restriction of Action)
> Each staff member gets 14 combined LOA/ROA days out of the month. A staff member cannot be on ROA and LOA at the same time, and a staff member cannot take more than 14 days of ROA/LOA in total without prior permission from a Head Admin or above.

20. If a player wants to report you, follow this protocol.
> Send them a link to the forums node for Reports on AtomicRP (
> Gather evidence of the incident in question to present to the player.
> Do not talk back and do not engage with the player that wants to report you in any negative fashion.

21. Meet. Your. Obligations
There are multiple ways to meet your obligations, you can do so by doing any of the following.
> Making sure that every week (Sun to the Next Sat) you put in 10 hours every week.
> Making a consistent pattern out of being present on the server (1-2 hours of Non-AFK time every day)
> Taking Tickets (THE EASIEST WAY)

- Aim to take around 50-100 tickets each week at the bare minimum.
If you are not maintaining activity, your rank will be changed and or removed at an SA's discretion.

22. Don't abuse your staff privileges.
> Don't use commands in not staffing situations (!noclip, !cloak, !goto etc.)
> Don't spawn in weapons or items to gain an upper hand.
> Don't take sits off duty when there is no necessity.

23. Be responsible with your noclip.
> Don't noclip into bases unless you absolutely need to.
> Don't noclip into the skybox (this will lead to instant demotion)
> Don't noclip when not on the staff job (The only exception is when you are the only staff on. Even then, stay cloaked and out of view from players)

24. As an upper staff member you are obligated to perform 1 staff shadow every 2 weeks.
> This will be assigned to you every 2 weeks via the
> Failure to do so will result in demotion and or removal from your Upper Staff Position.

25. Do not allow yourself to be pulled by bias and conflicts of interest.
> Don't take tickets where you will have an incentive to judge one way or the other.
> Failure to take control over and acknowledge your bias and conflict of interest when taking tickets will result in demotion and possible removal.
> Click
here for further reading.

26. As a staff member, set an example for other players. Your words as a staff member carry more weight than you might think.
> Don't engage in negative banter with other players/staff on the discord or in-game in OOC/Advert Chat.
> When you talk in-game (and especially in OOC), remember that whatever you are saying is being said by up to 127 different people at that given moment (even more on the discord)
> When things aren't going right (whether it's server performance, someone being mean to you, etc.) have the maturity to handle the situation in a positive way that doesn't cause more trouble/panic.

27. Don't Make Assumptions. If you don't know how to explain or do something don't try to explain/do it, ask for help.

> When there is something happening and you don't know how to explain it, don't make assumptions.
> If you need help, don't hesitate to ask for it, we would rather you be super annoying and ask a lot of questions than to not know what you're doing at all and to keep your mouth shut.
> Never hesitate to reach out to a member of Management, more particularly Wilkers and your SAs.

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12/4/21 - Changed Policy 21. to better reflect new ticket tracking system.
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