Fruit Slicer Guide


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Fruit Slicer Guide
By: Wilkers

Step 1: Fruit Shop Setup
> Go into the F4 Menu and buy the entity called "FruitSlicer Shop"
> Press E on the Circled Button to Open the Stand

Step 2: Ingredient Setup


> Press E on the middle button to create your smoothie.
> Press E on the button for the type of smoothie you'd like to create (each smoothie has different effects)


> If the smoothie you want to make has missing ingredients (squares in red), buy the proper ingredients through the F4 Menu
Sidenote: If you want to change the price of the smoothie you are making, press E on the three dots in the top right.

> Once you have the ingredients grav gunned into your fruit stand, press E on the "Yes" button to begin the smoothie making process.

Step 3: Smoothie Creation


> Choose a topping to add to your smoothie (each one has different effects that you can see on the right side of the screen after selecting the topping with "E")

> Once you have selected a topping, follow the prompts on screen!
- Take a Cup: Press E on the Cups on your Smoothie Stand with your Knife out.
- Slice the Fruits: Click on the fruits with your knife!
- Choose a Sweetener: Press E on the Sweetener of your choice!
- Start the Mixer: Press E on the Mixer'

Now you have a smoothie on your stand that other players will be able to buy by pressing E on the smoothie!

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