Gathering Evidence: How to Install and Use Medal.TV


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Sep 14, 2020
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Q. What is Medal.TV?
A. Medal.TV is recording software that can be used to gather clips or record whole game sessions. This software is particularly useful when playing on AtomicRP, because you can send staff recordings of exactly what you saw to help them make more informed and educated decisions on your reports. While a completely optional tool to use, it can help when you are defending yourself in a sit, or if you are trying to provide further evidence for staff.

This guide details how to both download and configure Medal.TV to best settings for your computer.

Step 1: Downloading Medal
> Go to and click the "Download" Button
> Save "MedalSetup.exe" to your preferred location on your computer.
> (Once it's done installing) Launch "MedalSetup.exe"
> (If Prompted) Click "Allow Access" on Windows Defender for Medal

Once you have following these steps, you will be prompted by a Sign Up screen.

Step 2: Signing Up for Medal
> There are many signup options for Medal, the more common ones are...
- Discord
- Steam
- Email
Feel free to sign up using the method you are most comfortable with. I personally would recommend using Steam.

Step 3: Configuring Medal
> Click on the Gear in the Bottom Left of the Medal App
> Click on the Recorder Tab, and make sure you have your recording length set to 10 minutes.
> I would recommend setting your resolution, FPS, and bitrate to the recommended settings given to you by Medal. For me it was High at 60FPS with a 10M bitrate.
> Set a Hotkey in the "Hotkeys" Tab
- I would recommend using a key on your keyboard that you don't press very often. (I used the Pause Button on my full sized keyboard)
- There are also options to use controller hotkeys and mouse hotkeys, change those as you wish.
> Turn on "Microphone Input" in the "Audio and Devices" Tab
- This is so we can hear you when you are talking to other people in-game, it can provide a lot more context for our staff team when they can hear what you are saying to the other player.

Now you are done configuring Medal! Just press the hotkey you assigned while playing on our server to record the last 10 minutes of your gameplay!
For further questions feel free to reach out to Wilkers on Discord <3
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