How to Make A Refund Request

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1. Go to the AtomicRP Refund Request Form
Click here to go to the AtomicRP Refund Request Form

2. Review the Refund Request Rules
  1. We can only give you money, and weapons/sweps lost during an event. (No exceptions!)
  2. We only refund in instances where the server directly crashed and you lost items as a result of that server crash. (The only exception to this rule is in the case where a staff member has directly told you that you can make a refund request following a sit that resulted in you losing money/items. In which case this staff member must be present on your refund request to validate that claim)
  3. You must show good proof that your items were lost. Witnesses do not count as proof, you must either be able to show video evidence of a crash incident happening with before and after shots showing us the items you lost, or you must be able to provide the same thing with screenshots and timestamps backed up through in game chat and crash logs.
  4. Don't ask staff to take a look at your refund request, if you ask staff to look into your refund request it will be instantly denied.
  5. Only ask for refunds on items/money you have lost, if your friend wants their stuff back, they have to make a separate refund request.
  6. We don't refund for non server related crashes/issues. If you crashed from the server or your internet died, you cannot be refunded for items you lost.
  7. Be as descriptive as possible, if you want us to help you, you must be as specific as possible!

3. Fill Out the Prompts


> Give the staff team the name that you are most commonly called in-game.

> Click here for a guide on how to find your STEAMID64

> Give us a discord that we can contact you with!

> Specify the date that you lost your item!

> Give us the time that you lost your item. Remember to include your time zone so we can cross reference the time with our logs!

> Explain to us how you lost your items!

> Tell us what you need refunded, for item prices for common weapons and entities you've lost, click here.

> Leave any evidence to show that your refund request should be accepted here!

If you still need help with your Refund Request, click here to be sent to our #gethelp channel on Discord where you can get help from our support team! Click the "Forums Assistance" button.
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