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Don't want to read a guide? Watch the video below for a rundown!

Step 1: Enable Developer Console

> Go to Settings

> Go to the Keyboard Tab

> Scroll down to an option called Enable Developer Console

> Bind "Toggle Developer Console" to the key of your choice (I prefer to use the ` in the top left of my keyboard)

Step 2: Create a Bind

There are many binds you can make, here are some more useful binds that I would recommend setting up to improve your experience both on AtomicRP and on other DarkRP servers. For a list of keys that you can put in the "<put key here>" part, check the list below.

Text Binds
> bind "<put key here>" "say /advert Mug Drop 10k or Die in 10 seconds."
> bind "<put key here>" "say /advert Party Raid"
> bind "<put key here>" "say /advert Counter"
> bind "<put key here>" "say /advert Warn 1/2/3" (Remember when using this one to use it with 3 seconds between each warn)

Ammo Buy Binds
> (357 Ammo) bind "<put key here>" "say /buyammo 357"
> (AR Ammo) bind "<put key here>" "say /buyammo ar2"
> (Pistol Ammo) bind "<put key here>" "say /buyammo pistol"
> (Shotgun Ammo) bind "<put key here>" "say /buyammo buckshot"
> (Sniper Ammo) bind "<put key here>" "say /buyammo SniperPenetratedRound"

Useful Command Binds
> (Holster Gun) bind "<put key here>" "say /invholster"
> (Mute Everyone) bind "<put key here>" "voice_enable 0"
> (Unmute Everyone) bind "<put key here>" "voice_enable 1"

> (Kill Bind) bind "<put key here>" "kill"

Dance Binds
> (Thumbs Up) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1610"
> (Follow Me) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1611"

> (Bow) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1612"
> (Non Verbal No) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1613"
> (Wave) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1615"
> (Lion Pose) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1616"
> (Sexy Dance) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1617"
> (Laugh) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1618"
> (Dance) bind "<put key here>" "_darkrp_doanimation 1642"

List of Unique Keys and Their Bind Names

Any key that has a letter (ex. k) has the "Keybind Name" as that respective letter (ex. bind "k" "say I love AtomicRP!"}

Keybind NameNumber Pad Keys
kp_endKeypad 1
kp_downarrowKeypad 2
kp_pgdnKeypad 3
kp_leftarrowKeypad 4
kp_5Keypad 5
kp_rightarrowKeypad 6
kp_homeKeypad 7
kp_uparrowKeypad 8
kp_pgupKeypad 9
kp_enterKeypad Enter
kp_insKeypad 0
kp_delKeypad .
kp_slashKeypad /
kp_multiplyKeypad *
kp_minusKeypad -
kp_plusKeypad +

Keybind NameNavigation Keys
uparrowUp Arrow
downarrowDown Arrow
leftarrowLeft Arrow
rightarrowRight Arrow
insInsert (Above arrows)
delDelete (Above arrows)
pgdnPage Down (Above arrows)
pgupPage Up (Above arrows)
homeHome (Above arrows)
endEnd (Above arrows)
pausePause / Break (Above arrows)

Keybind NameMouse Buttons
mwheeldownMouse - Scroll Down
mwheelupMouse - Scroll Up
mouse1Mouse - Left click
mouse2Mouse - Right click
mouse3Mouse - Wheel click
mouse4Mouse - Page Back
mouse5Mouse - Page Forward

Keybind NameSpecial Keys
f1-12F1 to F12 (Top Row)
escape"ESC" (Top Left of keyboard)
tabTabulator (Above Capslock)
shiftShift (Below Capslock)
ctrlControl (Below Capslock)
altAlt (Left of Spacebar)
backspaceBackspace (Above Enter)
semicolonSemicolon (This symbol: ";")
lwinWindows Key (Left of Spacebar)
rwinWindows Key (Right of Spacebar)
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