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This guide was specifically written for the AtomicRP DarkRP server. To connect to the most popular DarkRP server on Garry's Mod, click here
If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Wilkers on Discord (!Wilkers!#4231)
In-Game, if you need any help at any point, press y and type @ <your message> in chat, a staff member will come to you to assist as soon as they are available.

What is DarkRP?

DarkRP is a non-serious roleplay game mode on Garry's Mod that allows you to play as different roles in a city environment. Be a police officer, and keep the streets clean of crime. Or you could play as a citizen, and try to make it big running a legal business. And if the slow income from both of those jobs is a little too slow for you, branch out into some criminal ventures; money printing, drug manufacturing, and other lucrative illegal activity. DarkRP is truly what you want to make of it, not really fitting into the normal molds that most games fill.

Connecting to AtomicRP

> Click here to connect to AtomicRP
> While loading in: Make sure you have your CSS textures installed (if you already have the game Counter Strike Source downloaded, you do not need to follow this step) click here to do so.
> Wait to load in! (It downloads pretty quick)

Read the Rules

Before playing, it's extremely important that you take the time to read the rules properly. Click here to open the rules.
> For a new player these may look a little daunting, but here's a quick rundown on the things you will need to remember when playing.

- Listen to staff, and never go out of the way to ruin another player's experience on the server.
- Stay away from hate speech and speech that can be construed as hate speech.
- Always have a reason to kill/arrest someone (don't just kill/arrest random people on the street)
- Don't do anything in spawn or the tunnels by spawn (the area that everyone is walking out of)
Note: This is only a very basic rundown, and in order to fully understand the rules you will need to fully read the rules. If you have good intent and you want to play on the server, our staff will make sure you are able to. Feel free to ask questions if you want to!

Pick a Job

> Press the "F4" button to open up the job menu, this is where you will pick a job, and buy all of the items for the job you want to play. You will see this screen..


> Click on Jobs and pick a job that you are interested in playing. Click on the job you are interested in playing to see the description. There are 6 different job groups...
- Citizens (legal business activities)​
- Criminals (illegal business activities)​
- Gangs (illegal business activities)​
- Government (prevent illegal business activities)​
- Weird Jobs (fun roleplay jobs)​
- Donator Jobs (jobs for people that donate to the server: as a new player, you do not need to donate to progress or play on our server)​


> Optional: Pick a job that has a guide to learn how to play it. Click here to view all of our job guides.

Pick something that you'll enjoy! And do whatever you want (as long as it's within the rules of course)

Common Terms
Here are some common terms you might run into during your time on our server.

> RDM/MRDM - Random Death Match and Mass Random Death Match
- RDM occurs when you kill a player for an invalid reason. Before you shoot, it is better to warn people by typing /advert warn 3 times with 3 seconds in between. Mass RDM is usually when you kill three or more people in rapid succession.​
> NLR - New Life Rule
- In your base, if someone comes to raid it you must wait 5 minutes before coming back or else you are breaking a rule called "No Life Rule", this is to prevent raids from turning into deathmatches.​
> Propminge/Propminging
- Propminging is the use of props in a way that ruins the experience of the other players around you. When using props, make sure no one else is being bothered by them!​
> Advert or /advert
- As a criminal job, in order to perform roleplay actions like mugging, kidnapping, and raiding, you must advertise the action to make it clear to the other player that you are performing the action on them.​
> OOC - Out of character
- You can talk in out of character chat to the rest of the server by typing // or /ooc followed by your message in the chat box.​
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