How to Prepare for the Interview


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Fully Understand the AtomicRP Rules and Guidelines and the Enforcement Guidelines
> Open the AtomicRP Rules and Guidelines
- Read through the Rules and Guidelines for understanding. Continue to read through it until you are confident in identifying the rules.
- The most important sections for you as a staff member to identify are...
> Witchhunting - What is is, how to see it and examples of it.
> Scamming - What's enforceable, what is not.
> Hate Speech - Be able to fully explain them to the interviewer.
> NLR - Describing the NLR rules, and how they apply to RP Actions.
> RP Actions - What each RP action is, and what they mean.
> Raiding - What you're allowed to do and what you can't do.
> Basing - What base designs are allowed and which ones are not.
> If you want to be extra prepared: Read through the AtomicRP Enforcement Guidelines
- The AtomicRP Enforcement Guidelines is a document with exact interpretations, punishments, and examples for every rule.
- The most important interpretations in the guidelines are...
> Witchhunting
> Scamming
> Hate Speech
> RP Actions
> Raiding
> Basing
The important sections for the enforcement guidelines and the rules are the same, if you can identify and interpret all of these aspects of the rules, you will most likely pass the interview.

Get Ready to Answer Some Personal Questions
> In the interview, you will be asked questions that will be reviewed by the staff team and the Super Admins to determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the staff team.
> When you are asked these questions, do the best job you can to be as authentic and as "you" as possible.

- When you answer our questions with authenticity, we can do a better job of accommodating for you later on as a staff member when we bring you on to the team.
> Show the interviewer that you are able to carry yourself in a confident manner. If you can do it in an interview, you can do it in a sit.
> Part of the vetting process is determining how well you handle yourself in 1 on 1 settings (the majority of what staffing is), show us that you can lead a sit well by taking the initiative to answer every question thoroughly.

Ask Current Staff for Help!
> If you can find a staff member that is willing: get into a VC and start going over the rules and guidelines with them.
> If you have trouble remembering a certain section of the rules or a certain interpretation, ask a staff member for help.
> If you have questions about the staffing process in general, and how a staff member is expected to handle tough situations, drop a staff member a DM!

It is the expectation that any staff member you DM will be able to respond to help you out, if you can't find one feel free to reach out to a Super Admin for help.

If you still need help with preparing for your interview, click here to be sent to our #gethelp channel on Discord where you can get help from our support team! Click the "Apply for Staff" button to be put into contact with members of our support team that can get you with a staff member to assist you!​
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