Denied It’s altimeters Staff Application


Mar 28, 2022
Username: altimate

◈ Your In-Game Name: its altimate

Link to your Public Steam Profile:

Your age (we only accept staff 15 and older with few exceptions): 16

Your Discord (with tag): altimate#6009

Is your discord name the same as your In-Game Name on AtomicRP? No my in game has a its, but I can change it.

Have you ever been warned on AtomicRP? No ? No, I follow all the rules and have not received a warning or ban. I don’t see my self in the future getting many warns.
Please detail all of your warns and bans.

How much playtime do you have on the server? About 1 day and 4hours

Have you read up on our rules fully? Yes

Have you read up on the (DRP) Staff Information section of the forums? Yes

Do you have a microphone and use it on a consistent basis? Yes

Do you have any prior experience staffing on other Garry's Mod servers within the past 4 years? Yes I staffed on a dark rp server called xeno rp. I was mod for 4 months and resigned.

Have you previously staffed on AtomicRP? No

What is your time zone? Est

What time of the day (for you) are you usually on? I’m usually on shortly after school 3:00 pm est or late after my basketball practice. 9:00 pm est

Why do you want to be a part of the AtomicRP Staff Team? I would bring a good additude to the staff, and to the community. Another reason is I have prior staffing experience on gmod which makes me have a high tolerance for people learning the game and server. I don’t mind helping others, and I want to. I also would like to Change the way rdmers and others who neglect others fun play they server and can have a fantastic experience. I know how to handle mrdmers and ardm as well as prop minge, prop block. Some times my tickets take a while to get answered and with more mods it can be easier faster and more efficient.

Why should you be accepted onto the AtomicRP Staff team? I should be accepted because I want to be involved with community in the atomic RP server. I am also someone who likes to help others who don’t understand the game, and I can learn things easily and I’m very teachable. I would make a great addition to the staffing team here at atomic rp. I like to be up lifting to others up and having a good time. I have played most jobs and know how to play them. If anyone needs to know how to play a certain job I can help them. I also know how to advert and use all of the commands. Another reason I should be accepted is I know what meta game if is and prop mining, and watching out for these things are important. I know most of the big questions new players ask and need a answers to, or questions experienced players ask.

Optional: Include any other information about yourself that you'd like the community and the management team to know about you. I am really nice,funny,happy, andI like to help others. Im very good at all sports I’m ranked in my class for basketball.

I have played Gary’s mod for a few years. I also play many games like r6, rust, escape from tarkov and many more. Recently I got back into gmod after quitting, because my favorite dark rp server was vacant and deserted. I came back to gmod with some friends looking for a great experience and I lucky found one, Atomic rp 🤙🏾. This rp server has a lot to offer compared to others with kind a supportive staff, and I would like to add on. Atomic is a judge free zone which is great. I can’t wait for this experience 🤙🏾 .
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Jan 25, 2022

Not much effort, I recommend editing the application after taking a look at other successful applications so you have a general idea of what these should look like.


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Oct 20, 2021
-/+ If your two big questions are more fleshed out I feel you'd have a good chance for interview. Best of luck.


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Nov 5, 2021
+1 Good app with effort shown but your steam profile is private, it needs to be public.




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Mar 29, 2021
United States
Application Denied
Thank you for your interest in contributing to our community, you may reapply in 2 Weeks. If you have any further questions/concerns, reach out to a member of the management team on our discord.