LOA - Life Shit

summer pepper

New member
Sep 15, 2020
Tokyo, Japan
What is your in-game name?:
summer pepper

What is your current time on the server?:

What is your username in Discord (with 4 #s):

What is your timezone?

How long are you expecting to be on leave?:
2-3 weeks

When will you begin your leave?:
today 9/15

When will you return from your leave?:
around the beginning of october

Will you be able to be contacted via discord on a device during your leave?

Are you a part of the Forum Moderation Team? (and if you are will you be able to keep up with those duties?)

If you aren't able to be contacted, do you acknowledge that you must return by your return from leave date?

Optional: If you would like to detail a reason for your leave, put it here.
girlfriend is coming home today for a undisputed amount of time considering where she was living is currently on fire and also am being kicked out of current house so have to pack up all furniture and move somewhere else.. may be on here and there but will be on tremendously less than my usual.. see you on the flip side bois