Maxamoose Refund Request from Apr 4, 2022


Apr 4, 2022
Username: Maxamoose

In-Game Name ♛ Maxamoose

SteamID/SteamID64 Moosey

Discord Moose #4331

Date of Item Loss Apr 4, 2022

Time of Item Loss around 3:50

What happened? A thief raided while a vigilante watched and I figured he would do something about it, but he ended up breaking in with him, and be and my Dorito member was armoring up but was ready so we killed him and the vigilante cause they were in our base. And everything was good after that but the thief guy came back and broke NLR and raided us again while we were healing back up from his last raid.

What do you need refunded? the armor and medicine vape or at least enough to buy another one. worked hard for them

Please put any evidence to substantiate your claim here. I didn't take video but I made a claim right after it happened