Denied ohDizzy Staff Application


May 5, 2022
Username: ohDizzy

◈ Your In-Game Name: ohdizzy

Link to your Public Steam Profile:

Your age (we only accept staff 15 and older with few exceptions): 22

Your Discord (with tag): l ohDizzy l#1885

Is your discord name the same as your In-Game Name on AtomicRP? No

Have you ever been warned on AtomicRP? Yes

Please detail all of your warns and bans. I have 3 Class 3 RDM warns and 3 Fail RP Raiding warns. I recently just hopped back into dark not too long ago but i take full responsibility for my actions but i haven't been warned for almost a week now trying to do better and i've also gave another look around reading the rules a few times over. I've learned from my mistakes and i'm currently trying my hardest to make sure i break no rules no matter how little or how big the rule is.

How much playtime do you have on the server? 1 week and 20 hours

Have you read up on our rules fully? Yes

Have you read up on the (DRP) Staff Information section of the forums? Yes

Do you have a microphone and use it on a consistent basis? Yes

Do you have any prior experience staffing on other Garry's Mod servers within the past 4 years? Yes

Please detail your tenure at these other servers, include the following...
> Time on the Staff Team
> Rank (If applicable)
> Contacts from Community (If you have any)
I was an Admin on a server that is no longer running as of last year. I was staff for 2 years and i loved it, it really made my time playing more enjoyable. I'm no longer in contact with the owner of the server.

Have you previously staffed on AtomicRP? No

What is your time zone? Eastern Daylight Time

What time of the day (for you) are you usually on? I'm usually on during the evening after i get off work, i play for about 3-7 hours when i'm on

Why do you want to be a part of the AtomicRP Staff Team? I think I deserve the role of a moderator because I have clearly shown that I am a mature, All the staff are friendly and have given me items back i've loss due too fail rp or rdm. The player to player interaction in atomic is like no other. I want to be able to handle tickets and ensure the RP play is the best it can be. I have experience in staff on previous servers going back awhile, i also have almost 700 hours alone on dark rp servers and i'm pretty familiar with the player base. Aslo ensuring that players who break rules no matter how little they are, are accurately punished to enhance the server for other dedicated players. i'm also non biased when it comes to sits and will always look at facts and or proof before i do anything to be fair to everyone and hold those accountable with the up most respect. Given hours of sits i've been in and held i believe i'd be the perfect candidate for the position. I know being a trial moderator comes with great responsibility and would never abuse my powers during duty or Rp action, and if i had the chance to become a staff of this awesome team and give my all to this community that it would not be taken for granted.

Why should you be accepted onto the AtomicRP Staff Team? I would love to join the Staff team because seeing players loose things they spent hours to grind for. Players deserve to play and have a fun time role playing while also not having to worry about trolls coming into the server, I want to be able to expand the community with my positive impact as a staff member on atomic. Becoming staff on this awesome server has been a dream of mine especially since atomic is the only server i've found that has the best development possible along with player base in my opinion.

Optional: Include any other information about yourself that you'd like the community and the management team to know about you. Hey there my name is jeffery, I'm 22 and currently in college for software development. I'm just a normal young adult playing and enjoying the game. I spend my free time playing video games and i love to cook. Gmod is my favourite game and i have put lots of time and effort into all the servers i've played on and i want to do the same with this server. I am a friendly face and i’m happy to talk to people and i’m always willing to help anyone whenever i can.
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(DRP) Blanket Staff Team
DarkRP Staff Member
May 3, 2022
+1 knows the rules and put good effort, the comments about maturity do come off a little arrogant but over-all nice app. Good luck!


Mod on AtomicRP
DarkRP Staff Member
Feb 20, 2022
-Very good amount of effort put into the application.
-Great playtime.
-Has previous staffing experience.


(DRP) Blanket Staff Team
DarkRP Staff Member
May 13, 2022
Always very kind and solid in game, never had a bad interaction with him. Not to mention the harry potter book of an application


(DRP) Blanket Staff Team
DarkRP Staff Member
May 6, 2022
+1, I'm only a T Mod but I know Dizzy and he is very nice and respectable great app Good Luck!!!