Revamping the Sandbox server for suitable play.


May 22, 2022
Suggestion Name

[SANDBOX] Revamping the Sandbox server for suitable play.

What's Being Added/Removed/Changed

Expression2 Changes, Enable the following cores in this screenshot:
- http
- constraintcore
- wiring
- effects
- propcore

[Additions to the Server]
- ACF-3
- Precision
- More Materials
- Stacker
- SProps
- SmartSnap
- Unbreakable Tool
- NexusCore [E2]
- WebAudio [E2]
- ParticleCore [E2]
- PlyCore [E2]
- Wire Extras [E2/Wiremod]
- Tool Search & Favorites
- Simfphys
- Overhauled Radial Menu

Why It Should Be Added/Removed/Changed

To Break down the list VERY heavily.

For Context, I am an avid sandbox player and I know generally speaking what people expect from a sandbox server, from building to combat. I like to create a mix of being able to freely build with little combat restrictions for those who wish to compete with their guns or creations.

For the Wiremod Section:
http: This is a core that allows E2 to make request from real websites, This is often used for real-time data storage, Text to speech, or other get request.

constraintcore: is essentially the various constraints already in the game's tools in function form.

wiring: enables wiremod's built in wire tool to be usable in functions.

effects: Converts the games existing effects into function form, usable by E2.

propcore: allows manipulation of props via e2, this allows the creation, deletion and movement of props, Normally this is used for cannons and/or other combat purposes, and is one of the most critical cores for E2 if you wish to have a strong playerbase of wiremodders.

Unofficial Wire Extras: Adds a variety of gates and in my greatest interest, E2Cores, explained below. Here's a prime example of holoanim usage coming from this addon.

Thirdparty E2 Cores:

NexusCore: Adds various functions such as ignite, more collision functions and player teleportation, often used as a miscellaneous use core it has alot of functions, like teleporters.

WebAudio: A year ago this would've been streamcore, but webaudio is far more secure and useful. It allows streaming of mp3's and websites can be whitelisted for use in webaudio to ensure no foul play.

ParticleCore: Extends to other effects and options for effects. while the original effects core is very flexible, it doesn't have nearly the same particle options or ability to change how the particles are manipulated. Yes I am aware i linked the old version but despite it being labeled old. It works just fine.

light, stcontrol, ftrace/tracesystem & holoanim: All of these allow the manipulation of lights or hologram animations, the other two are tracing systems mainly used for cameras and/or raytracing (which has a huge following for some reason)

Concerning Other Major Additions to the Server

ACF (Armored Combat Framework): is a massive combat system built around the simulation of vehicle combat, Primarily known for the massive tank creation following this addon has amassed. It's also good for model use. ACF, much like wiremod has a dedicated community that would attract alot of followers if added.

Much like the above It's also useful for models but is like an extended vehicle's addon, While not necessary alot of people enjoy just clicking cars and using them, I do recommend restricting the tanks though.

LFS (Lunas Flight School): is the air version of simfphys adding helicopters, Their's alot of thirdparty packs that extend on it's rather small base but the base alone suffices.

SProps: is a massive prop pack that adds alot more geometry and props for use within sandbox, This is almost mandatory if you add ACF as every single complex creation uses SProps to some degree. Here is a video showcasing a SProps vehicle. Doesn't that look hot?

Concerning Tool Additions
All the other non-specified additions are minor tools that greatly increase the experience when it comes to building. I probably won't edit the above list for future edits and will link them below.

Closing Statement

This server is so new I actually had to ask where to post suggestions for this as was told that I should post under here and specify that it was sandbox, while not official I was told that the point would be taken regardless, I hope an official subforum for the Sandbox server comes in the future!

Links to Addons

- Similar: Precision Alignment
More Materials
Overhauled Radial Menu
Tool Search & Favorites
Player Status Icons
Multi-Parent and Unparent
Axis and Ballsocket Center
Fin 2
Sub-Material Tool

Simple Thirdperson

- SubAddon: Battlefield 4 Attack Helicopters
- SubAddon Armed Vehicles
- SubAddon: ACF-3 Missiles
- SubAddon: ACF-3 Extras
- Subaddon: ACF Unofficial Extras



light, camera, holoanim, stcontrol, ftrace and tracesystem

wire_holograms_modelany 2
(This allows e2's holograms to use any model available on the server)
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