Denied ♔Slurpee♔ - Player Report on THE MUG MANIAC


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May 12, 2022
Username: ♔Slurpee♔

In-Game Name ♔Slurpee♔

Your STEAMID/Link to your STEAM Profile

Your Discord ! Slurpee#1548

What is the in-game name of the player that you are reporting? THE MUG MANIAC

Paste a link to the STEAM profile of the player that you are reporting. THE MUG MANIAC SteamID [ STEAM_0:1:448138337 ] SteamID64 [ 76561198856542403 ] Steam Name [ THE MUG MANIAC ]

Which rule/rules was this player breaking? RDM

Put any evidence of this player breaking the rules here. I was trying to raid a base that is in a building that has 4 other rooms and THE MUG MANIAC was taking up 2 of the rooms for his base, I tried raiding one of the other rooms separate to his base because someone lived in there, and THE MUG MANIAC killed me. They were not in a party at all so I got rdmed.

Any other comments?


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Aug 30, 2021
Player Report Denied
No evidence was provided.
For any further questions regarding your report, please contact management at