SoChicken General Suggestion - Buff Trashman job


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May 17, 2022

Suggestion Name Buff Trashman job

What's Being Added/Removed/Changed Increase Level Cap, Add further options to the trash menu that allows trashmen to collect trash while recycling.

Why It Should Be Added/Removed/Changed The level increase would create more of a reason to keep playing the job (as well as its efficiency), as when I personally got to max level, the job became pretty stale since I had nothing else to build up to. Even at that level, having to wait for an abundance of trash to be recycled became really annoying. Adding a setting within the recycle machine that allows for automatic and manual retrieval of materials would help prevent this. I also noticed that you make more money from recycling 7 paper than 1 precious material which both cost 7kg, maybe increasing the payout for some will be beneficial?

It might be really cool to add some other incentives while leveling up the job. Stuff like different trash gun (golden trash gun) textures or other additional accessories for the specific job.

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