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Adarlard Bambozzini

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Oct 4, 2021

I decided to make this thing as kinda recruitment thing but we mainly do our recruitment ingame, so let's begin with some history.

The Bambozzini family is one of the Older Gangs of Atomic and was originally started by Tony Bambozzini, with Help from Imanoob2000. Noob Provided Funding for the creation of the Gang and Eventually the Bambozzini Family under tony started to die off due to Tony Dying and not being on for close to a year.

After this Alessando Bambozzini, his second in command, was put incharge of the Family and under his leadership the Family has expanded dramatically and has made many new friends and allies, and Alessandro Bambozzini is Still the Don till this day.

Perks of The Bambozzini Family

150hp on spawn with all of its many crew’s

Large Amount of Members (250) in the discord plus allies (302 total people in the discord)

Weekly Events on weekends

Bases up on the server around the clock. Most of the time there is multiple Bambozzini servers on the Atomic Network and sometimes there has been up to 4 Bambozzini bases on the same server

The Bambozzini’s are Supportive of newer players and have helped alot of new players establish themselves on server.

Specialized Crews that allow for people to choose what they want to do, and how they want to spend their time in the family.
The Bambozzini Family Lead by Alessandro Bambozzini
The Pink Panthers lead by Issac Bambozzini
The Scaletta Family lead by Big Bambozzini
The Barbaro Family Lead by Leo Bambozzini
Big Gang Lead by Jinx Fanboy Bambozzini
Fallen Angels Lead by Dan Bambozzini
{one more is in development) by Micheal Jackson Bambozzini

Large amounts of allied groups
The Bambozzini Family has many allies through its history and these are
the current ones.
Duck Gang lead by Potomatomp
Mcdonalds lead by Brank
Koraen warriors Lead by Korean Jesus
Konoha lead by Wacomoley
The Club Lead by The Hansan
Los Pollos Hermanos lead by Gustavo Gus Firing
European Alliance lead by Thomas2smgs
The Brotherhood Of Steel lead by Duvine
Fetts Lead by Eclipse
Caliphate lead by Nepeta
Blood mist lead by Invited Devil
The Minorites lead by Zambeh420


For the Bambozzini Family their are a few requirements to joining

Your name most contain Bambozzini (staff members are exempted from this)

You must join the Discord.

You must Show loyalty and prove yourself

You Have to be 13 or older to join.

You have to have Based for multiple hours or done previous work for the Family.

You must show Respect to the Don, and other higher ups, If you have any issues you are free to contact me or a Consiglio and your issues will be resolved.

You must not Intentionally cause trouble with Bambozzini allies or other players. We're all trying to have fun ,but we can't let it go into chaos

How to Join

If you wish to Join Contact me on Discord Wildmanheals#3772 or if you see me ingame feel free to message me whenever. I'm active most of the time, and should respond so long as I'm not asleep.

The Bambozzini Family Sends Their Regards….


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Feb 14, 2022
Also all of the disgusting accusations are all bullshit you are safe if u join
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